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In "Product", except for general product metrics like "Products per Order", "Average Products per Day", "Average Product Price", you can also check the "Top Performing Products" of your shop, via comparing the product revenue/No. of Orders/Quantity Sold, and even the times of viewed of each product, you can get the important info for inventory management and new product design/planning.


Product - Metrics Definition

Metric Definition
Product per Order Total Products Sold ÷ Total Orders
Average Products per Day Total Products Sold ÷ Days of selected time range
Average Product Price Total Product Revenue ÷ Total Products Sold
Total Product Revenue Sum of products' line item sale price * quantity sold
Total Orders Total orders created, and excludes the orders with order status "cancelled" or "removed"
Total Products Sold Sum of products' quantity sold 
Top Performing Products

Ordered by the product revenue of each product, and displayed at most 100 items; you can click on the headline tab to make the table ordered by the tab; or you can download the full list at the last page, to check the performance of all products

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