Order Reassignment



The "Order Reassignment" feature offers merchants a more flexible way to manage orders. Merchants can use this feature to adjust the owner of the order, transferring the purchase amount to the new order owner. This brings a more precise calculation of the "Total Spend" of customers.

In order details pages, merchants can see two sections as below:

  • "Order customer, Email and Phone number" in the orange section in below screenshot are the information of the customer who placed the order originally.
  • "Order Account (Details)" in the blue section in below screenshot is the real-time information of the order owner, including name and email (or verified mobile phone number*).

To check the customer information of the order owner, please click the customer name's hyperlink in blue ("Chloe" as shown in the following photo).


*Enterprise Plan & O2O Plan allows customers to register as a member with a mobile phone number.


In this article we will introduce:


A. Order Reassignment Process

Step 1

Go to Admin > Orders > Click on the order you would like to reassign > Click the hyperlink "Reassign Order" in blue under Order Account (Details)


Step 2

After clicking "Reassign Order", a pop up window will show. Fill in the blank with the name / email address / mobile phone number of the new order owner.

Step 3

After clicking "OK", the order owner will be changed to the selected customer. You can choose to send email to the new order owner to notify them about order reassignment.

The email notification is as below:

Step 4

Please refer to the "Order activities logs" in the order detail page for the order reassign time and original/new owner of the order.


B. Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should merchant "Reassign Orders" or  "Edit Order Customer Details" ?

"Edit Order Customer Details" is used when updating information for specific orders. It will not change the owner of the order. Common situations include:

  • Customer wants to update contact information for single order. (Order notifications are sent to Order Customer Email regardless of the order owner.)

"Reassign Orders" is used when transferring the purchase amount to the new order owner. Common situations include:

  • Customer has used different email to place order, which creates multiple accounts. This feature allows merchants to combine the total spend of multiple accounts.
  • Customer has not login as member and used a different email when placing orders. This feature allows merchants to transfer the purchase amount to the original account.


2. Can customers edit Order Customer Email or reassign orders to other accounts by themselves?

No. These actions have to be done by merchants in the admin console.


3. If customers update their contact information in member center, will it be updated in order detail pages and reports?

New contact information will only be updated in the column "Order Account (Details)", since this column fetch the real-time data of the order owner. However, Order Customer Email shown in the Order Detail Page, Order List, Order Invoice, Order Report will not be updated accordingly.

As shown in the following screenshot, the name in "Order Account (Details)" has already been updated to Chloe Lee, but the name of order customer remains as Chloe.)





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