[For TWD Stores] LINE Shopping Partner Store Integration


LINE SHOPPING is a guidance and point-rewarding E-commerce alliance platform. Corporate online shop owners can connect with LINE SHOPPING and upload products on its platform. This could bring LINE users to the shops for further purchases. 

Not only does LINE provide product exposures, but the platform also directs more online shoppers into the sales funnel, using the platform to generate more traffic and increase conversion rate. 

Note: This feature is available after LINE has approved the merchant qualification.


1. How to set up LINE Shopping? 

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Order Settings] and turn on the toggle button for LINE Shopping Partner Store Setting.


Step 2

Input the three corresponding data provided by LINE.



Step 3

Remember to click the Update button when completed.


Step 4

The SHOPLINE system will send your product details to LINE. Once LINE receives the information, a sample text will be made. (Merchants' LINE contact will support you on this).

  • SHOPLINE will perform a system update at 12 am and 12 pm daily.
  • SHOPLINE will forward the items that are published and belong to any category to LINE. Merchants may modify which products to be published on LINE.


Step 5

After testing, the person-in-charge will contact merchants to figure out the publishing schedule. 

The following shows how LINE SHOPPING users see the products. (Screen captures are available in Chinese on LINE)

1. Access to LINE wallet, then to LINE Shopping.


2. Customers can look up the products or know the products by advertisements. During product search, they can see the product source and price.


3. When a product is chosen, there will be a simple product page introducing the product.


4. Click Go shopping and direct customers to the product page in the merchant's shop. Then proceed to shop and check out. 



Step 6

Merchants can go to [Order Management] > [Orders] and select the tab for LINE shop to filter out which orders are placed by LINE Shopping.



  • If the order status is "Completed", regardless of the delivery and payment status, orders will be forwarded to LINE Shopping after 8 days.
  • SHOPLINE provides product information and order management features only. The Administration fee and rewarding points from LINE and/or other details with monetary value will be bound to the contract merchants signed with LINE. Please confirm with your LINE contact point for any related details.






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