FPS Payment Method Setup & Customer Checkout Flow


*This feature is supported in yearly plan only


The HKMA has launched the Faster Payment System (FPS). It enables instant payments in Hong Kong, providing consumers and merchants a safe, efficient and widely accessible retail payment service on a 24/7 basis.

Remarks: This payment method is only available to shop owners who already have a HSBC business account in Hong Kong. For more details, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team. 


1. Open a FPS Account With HSBC

Step 1 : accept FPS payments

In order to add this payment method, you will need to contact HSBC to open a Business account and apply the Business Collect service where businesses can accept FPS payments.


Step 2 : Merchant ID

Once you are done, you will have a Merchant ID.

Please noted that, merchant ID is not same as FPS Identifiers .


Step 3 : set up FPS in your shop

You can then contact our Online Merchant Success Team and provide us with the Merchant ID to help you set up FPS in your shop! 


Customer Checkout Flow

Step 1 :choose "FPS" to Checkout

Customers choose "FPS" as payment method > Click "Proceed to Checkout"



Step 2 : Place Order

Customers fill in their information and delivery details > Click "Place Order" from your store 



Step 3 :  payment page

Customers will be directed to a payment page with QR code.

  • If customer is using PC for checkout, they can use any bank's payment app, which supports FPS, to complete the checkout process.



  • If customer is using mobile phone for checkout, they need to first screen capture the QR code on the checkout page. Then use any bank's payment app, enter the page for scanning the QR code, press the button on the top right corner to upload the QR code to complete the payment process.




Step 4 : payment confirmed

Customers will then be directed to the Order confirmation page once the payment is confirmed.



Remark 1

After customer place an order with any bank's payment app, the transaction number for the payment is displayed, which is different from the payment transaction number in the backend order. If customer would like to check order, please use the order number to find it.






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