H1 & H2 Tag


To help merchants boost up their search results, we had launched H1 and H2 tags for search engines to crawl the websites' contents easier. This would better help Google or other engines to understand your business, and to give out them to search results when your target audience search keywords related to your pages.


1. H1 Tag

We are now showing most of the H1 tags automatically, except for the Advanced Pages.
H1 tags for the Advanced Pages can be labeled by drag-and-drop action in the page edit panel. 

Default H1 tag of merchants' websites are:

  • Product Page: According to the "Product Name" that you set
  • Category Page: According to the "Category Name" that you set
  • Text Page: According to the "Page Title" that you set
  • Blog Article: According to the "Article Title" that you set
    • Note: Different tags may be applied it varies with different default themes
  • Form pages: According to the title that you set.
  • Default Pages (H1 tag cannot be customized)
    • About: Set as "About" by default
    • Shop All: Set as "Shop All" by default
    • Terms and Conditions: Set as "Terms and Conditions" by default
    • Return Policy: Set as "Return Policy" by default
    • Delivery Policy: Set as "Delivery Policy" by default

To set up an H1 tag on advanced pages, please click here for more details.


2. H2 Tag

  • Form pages: According to the "Form Description" that you set.






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