Send "Abandoned Cart Email" to shop members



For customers that add items to cart and have not checkout successfully yet, you can send a reminder email to redirect them to the shop.

When a logged-in member add items to the cart, the system would record the items of that shopping cart automatically. If the merchant does not update the cart for over 24 hour, the system would send an reminder email to the customer.

Please be noted

  • Only logged-in member can enjoy the feature
  • Same as current checkout logic, the inventory would not be blocked when customer add the item to cart. Once the customer checkout successfully, the inventory would be updated.
  • The feature do not support express checkout page


Admin Settings

  • Settings > Order Settings > Enable the feature - Send "Abandoned Cart Email" to shop members > Update



Email Content

  • DEMO STORE - Please log in and add items to cart.
  • Automatically send email to members who have added items to cart and have not completed the checkout process after 1 day (24 hr). And carbon copy to shop owner.
  • The content of the email includes shop name, shop logo, cart items and a call to action button.
  • Call to action link: utm_source=SHOPLINE&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=abandoned-cart-notification
  • Cart items related:
    • Including main products, add-on items.
    • The data may not be consistent if merchant changes the price before customer receives the email.
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