Specified Delivery Time


We provide options for the specified date/specified time slot. Please refer to the following instructions to customize your delivery services.


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1. When to use

When merchant faces the following scenarios, this feature can be considered as a solution:

  1. When the products are manufactured after ordering, eg. cakes and other customized gifts.
  2. When the products are with festive features which are usually be sold around the designated time period. E.g.: mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival and Thanksgiving turkey.
  3. When the products are limited in stock, and time is needed for merchandising.
  4. When the products are with short shelf life, such as fresh food.



  1. This feature is currently not supported when Fast Checkout is turned on. 
  2. Not every logistics company can provide this service. Please confirm it with the Online Merchant Success Team.

  3. According to the merchant's actual shipping time, if the time is not regular and easy to exceed the specified delivery time, it is not recommended to use this feature.


2. How to set up

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Delivery Options].

Switch on the toggle for "Specified Date". Enter the "Lead Time", "Selectable day length (from lead time)" and "Exclude specific day of week". Alternatively, merchants can switch on the toggle for "Specified Timeslot" to set a delivery time.

Lead Time

Stock lead time could be set between 0 to 30 days. Customers will be able to choose the date for delivery by the lead time counting from the day after the purchase.

An example for this will be:

1. If lead time = 0 days, and the customer place the order on 4/23, and the available date for delivery is after 4/24.

2. If lead time = 3 days, and the customer place the order on 4/23, and the available date for delivery is after 4/27 (4/24 +3 = 4/27).


Selectable day length - Limit the selectable date period, let customer can't select the date of a few years later.

Day length calculation starts from the available date, if the day length is 10 days, follow the above examples:

1. the available date for delivery is within 4/24 ~ 05/04.

2. the available date for delivery is within 4/27 ~ 05/07.


Exclude specific days of the week

Merchant can also exclude the day not available for delivery.


Merchants produce milk or fresh foods every Monday. The products are best before 4 days after being produced. Therefore, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays are excluded from delivery.


3. How to set up a specified time slot

Switch on the toggle for "Specified Timeslot" and fill in the time setting.

For TW merchants, time slot options of Tcat delivery are fixed, no need to set options when enabled.

You can edit the language in English and Chinese.


4. How to set up a description

Merchant can provide details of the delivery time for customers' reference.



5. Set up delivery time during checkout

When this option is chosen, customers can select the expected delivery time on their checkout page.



6. Order management

Merchant can look into the order delivery details in the order page.



7. How to filter orders with a specified delivery time

By selecting the field you want to export in the order report, you can tick "Delivery Time" and "Delivery Date":

Reminder: If there are "Lead Time" and "Selectable day length" sets, please be reminded to calculate the lead time of the period you choose.


Order Report Sample:








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