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Message Center introduces the "AI Chat Summary" feature, which uses AI to automatically generate summaries of your conversations with customers. 


1. AI Chat Summary

Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [Message Center] and select the "Shop Message" or "Instant Message" tab. Open a conversation with the customer and click the AI Assistant button on the right to display the "AI Chat Summary" section.

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Step 2

Select the summary scope.

i. Latest conversation

The AI will determine the latest conversation based on the conversation time 
(including customer's and merchant's messages), analyze the context,
and provide a summary of the conversation.

1. Select "Latest conversation" and click Confirm.

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2. It will take a while to generate the chat summary.

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3. The chat summary is generated.

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ii. Select conversation scope

The AI will analyze the context of the selected conversation scope
(including customer's and merchant's messages),
and provide a summary of the conversation.

1. Select "Select conversation scope".

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2. Select two messages to define the summary scope. The AI will summarize the conversation session between the two selected messages.


  • You can click Cancel to exit the selection mode.
  • During the mode of selecting conversation scope, new incoming messages from customers will not be displayed within the selection window. Please close the "AI Chat Summary" and select "Select conversation scope" again.
  • If the selected conversation scope exceeds the maximum length (10k-15k words for Chinese characters and 8k-12k for English words), the system will prompt you to reselect the scope.
  • After selecting the scope of two messages, if you want to adjust the scope, you need to deselect one of the messages and proceed to reselection.
  • The order of selecting the conversation scope will not affect the result.

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3. Click Summarize.

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4. It will take a while to generate the chat summary.

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5. The chat summary is generated.

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Step 3

i. Summary result

Once the chat summary is generated, the "AI Chat Summary" section will display:

  1. Summary scope: Displays the summary type and the time scope.
  2. Overview: Displays the highlight of the summary.
    *Note: The AI can only summarize text conversations (including emojis). Images and files are currently not supported.
  3. Key information: Displays essential customer details such as name, mobile number, payment details, and delivery address. If the conversation scope does not contain this information, this field will not be displayed.

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ii. Add remark

Click Add remark to add additional notes to the chat summary.

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iii. Add to summary

Click Add to summary and the summary will be added to the section under the User Profile.

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