Keep Your Apple Developer Account Up to Date

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To allow your customers to find your app more quickly and easily, it is crucial that you maintain your Apple Developer account and keep it up to date.


This article will cover the following:


1. Upgrade the Apple Developer Program License Agreement (PLA)

To use Apple's developer tools and services, you need to comply with the terms outlined in the Program License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as PLA) and guidelines. Not updating the PLA will result in the inability to update or publish your apps. In the following steps, you will be instructed to update the PLA whenever Apple releases new agreement updates to ensure that your apps are fully accessible.


Step 1

Sign in to Apple Developer. Enter your email/phone number along with the password.

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Step 2

Click the Review agreement button at the top of the webpage.



Step 3

Click Agree to complete the process.



2. Update your Apple Developer membership

Every Apple Developer account is required to pay a subscription fee of $99 USD per annum. If your membership expires, your app won’t be available for download in the App Store. In the following steps, you will be instructed to extend your membership when your subscription has expired.


Step 1

Likewise, sign in to Apple Developer first.


Step 2

Click the Review Membership button at the top of the page.

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Step 3

Enter the checkout page and then proceed with the payment.


*Note: It is recommended that you opt in to an auto-renewable subscription by turning on the "Auto-renew" toggle in the “Membership details” section to ensure your subscription isn’t disrupted.






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