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SHOPLINE introduces the "AI Database" feature, enabling you to upload files to the AI Database (e.g., return policy, shipping information, etc.). When customers ask questions that fall within the scope of the AI Database, the AI Assistant will provide relevant answers, significantly improving your operational efficiency.


This article will cover the following:


1. Upload files to AI Database

Step 1

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [Message Center]. Then, go to [Smart Assistant] > [AI Database] and click Add file(s).

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Step 2

Upload files to train the AI (e.g., return policy, shipping information, product recommendation, etc.).


  • Currently, only TXT and PDF file formats are supported. TXT files should not exceed 1 MB, and PDF files should not exceed 5 MB.
  • Supports uploading up to 20 files.

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Step 3

The files you choose to upload will appear on the right. Upon confirmation, click Upload.

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Step 4

The uploaded files will appear on the AI Database list.

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When the label displays "Processing,"  it means that the files are still being processed and will not yet be available. When the label shows "Parsing failed", please delete the file and upload a new one.



You can perform the following actions on the uploaded files:

  • View: Display the file on a new tab.
  • Delete: Remove the file from the AI Database and the AI Assistant will no longer be able to respond to questions related to this file.

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2. Ask AI Database questions

Once you have uploaded files to the AI Database, you can enter your question in the "Ask AI Assistant a question" window to the right.

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You can also go to [Message Center] > [Instant Message], click on a conversation, and click open the "AI Assistant" tab on the right of the page.

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Use case:
If you have uploaded the "Return Policy" file to the AI Database,
you can instruct the AI Assistant to provide information
when a customer asks questions about product returns.
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You can perform the following actions after receiving an answer:

  • Edit the question: You can click on Edit whenever you find the question not specific enough, then edit the question on the conversation box, and ask it again.
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  • View data source: You will find the link to the "Data source" in the footer of each answer. You can double-check the accuracy of the answer.
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  • Apply to the conversation window: If you believe the answer is correct, click Apply to conversation window. You can then edit the answer content or send it directly to the customer.
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  • Quick ask AI Assistant a question: You can find the "Ask AI Assistant a question" icon next to the customer's text message. When you click it, the system will use the message and send it to the AI Assistant.
    *Note: This icon is not available for image and video messages.
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