FAQs and Troubleshooting for Facebook Account Quick Registration / Login

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In addition to using an email, your customers can utilize the one-click quick registration/ login feature with their Facebook accounts to become store members.


This article will cover the following questions:


1. How may I help if a customer cannot use Facebook Login?

i. The "Error" message that says "Feature Unavailable" appears


Due to Facebook's periodic application checks and updates, it is recommended that merchants regularly visit the store app in Meta for Developers. Click on the bell icon Screenshot at the bottom left of the page and check the latest messages in the inbox of "Alerts" to review Facebook's recent updates. Respond to Facebook based on the message content, especially when Facebook has requested a "Data Use Checkup (DUC)" from you.



Go to [Settings] > [Advanced] and check the API version. Click the drop-down menus and select the latest version. Once the upgrade is complete, remember to click on Save changes at the bottom right.



Please be sure to reply to Facebook regarding your data usage. After checking the fields in the red boxes below, click Confirm to submit your response. This is crucial to avoid having your app suspended by Facebook, which could result in the inability to access this Login feature.




ii. Reminders like "No authorization code" appear



When customers register/ log in with Facebook, the store will access their Facebook account's name/username and email to create a member profile. If customers encounter a "No authorization code" reminder in red while using Facebook Login, please guide them to Facebook > [Settings & privacy] > [Settings], click [See more in Accounts Center] > [Personal details] on the left side of the page, and verify the email in the "Contact Info" section. If the email is not filled in or is incorrect, they can click on the ">" arrow on the right to edit it.




In addition, make sure that "Apps, websites and games" and "Game and app notifications" in [Apps and Websites] > [Preferences] are both switched on. 


If you encounter issues accessing authorized emails, check Step 7 in this article regarding [App Review] > [Use case permissions] to ensure that both "email" and "public_profile" are in the status of "Ready for Live mode." This way, your store can create member profiles using customer Facebook account information.


iii. If none of the above solutions work and the issue persists

If both scenarios above have been ruled out and customers still cannot log in, please go through the setup steps in this article again and double-check the "Settings" and "Live mode" of the Facebook app. Alternatively, you can provide relevant screenshots and contact SHOPLINE's Online Merchant Success Team for further assistance.


2. I already have the Facebook Login feature, but why can't I find my app on Meta for Developers after signing in? Why is the app number different from that of the SHOPLINE Admin? 

If your store already has the Facebook Login feature, it means that you have already created a Facebook Login app on Facebook. However, the Meta for Developers app is tied to an individual's Facebook account for management. Therefore, if you log in with a different Facebook account that does not have the original app's management permissions, you will not be able to find the installed app in Meta for Developers.

In such cases, it is recommended to seek assistance from the colleague who initially set up the feature to log in to Meta for Developers and make adjustments to the store's app. Please refer to Step 12 in this article for more details on troubleshooting this issue.


3. Why would my app be disabled by Facebook? And how long should I wait after lodging an appeal?

The operation of the Facebook Login feature is provided by the store's application. If your app has not been set up as described above, it may result in customers being unable to use the feature or incomplete privacy policies (sometimes there may also be false positives). Facebook may detect this and issue warnings to your app or even disable it. In that regard, it is recommended to click on Read more or appeal to review the message content and ensure that your app settings are complete.


Once you have made the necessary adjustments, you can request Facebook's assistance in re-evaluating your app. Once it is approved, the Facebook Login feature in your store will be able to function again. However, SHOPLINE cannot confirm the exact time it takes for Facebook to review the appeal. If you experience a longer waiting time after submitting an appeal, you can click Submit Appeal again, contact Facebook to inquire about the progress of the review, or follow the steps in the article to create a new app for customers to authorize again.



4. I have received a notification from Facebook that my Privacy Policy is incomplete. How can I fix it? 

During the review, Facebook will pay special attention to the application URL field and the privacy policy description. In case they are incomplete, please refer to the 2nd point of Step 5 in this article (Also check the demo store case for writing format, currently available in Traditional Chinese only). Check the content of your website's privacy policy page and ensure that it includes the items requested in the screenshot below (such as compliance with relevant regulations, a detailed explanation of the types of data you process, and how you process them). Once you have confirmed this, reply to Facebook's message and request them to re-evaluate your app.



5. How do I complete the "Data handling questions" setup?

Before switching the app status to "Online," the "Data handling questions" may need to be resolved first, which includes three steps: "Verification, Usage check, and Data handling."

Step 1

On the "Meta for Developers" app page, click on [Submit for review] > [Data handling questions], and then click on the "right-side arrow" icon to answer questions about data handling.

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Step 2

Select the platform account for completing the merchant verification and follow the instructions to complete the setup.

*Note: You need to complete the merchant verification first before proceeding to the "Usage check" in the next step. 

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Step 3

Upon completing the "Usage check," you will proceed to the final "Data handling." If your company does not have operations in Europe and the UK, please select No / I am not sure and answer the two questions below.

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Step 4

Add data processor.

  1. Name of data processor: List all data processors with access to the personal data of users obtained from Meta, including your own company. You are advised to enter the name of your company's enterprise management platform.
  2. Category of services: You can select "Analytics and measurements Goods and services for purchase."
  3. As to where will this data processor handle the personal data of users received from Meta, and whether they provide the data to public institutions, please respond based on your company's actual situation.

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Step 5.

Upon completing the setup, the screen displayed will be as shown below. You can click on Go live at the bottom left to switch the app to online mode.

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