Bing Ads Conversion Tracker Setup

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By setting up Bing Ads Conversion Tracker, you will be able to track conversions from your advertisement on Bing and Yahoo search engines, thus better manage your search ad performance.



Setting Steps

Step 1: Create a Microsoft Ads account

Depend on which country you are that Microsoft has different method to create an Ads account. You can visit Microsoft Ads Official Website to learn more.


Step2: Create a Conversion Goal

After you get an Ads account, next step is to create a conversion goal

  • Type: choose "Destination URL"
  • Choose "Contains" and enter "confirm" at "Destination URL" section
  • after save the setting you will get conversion tracker ID



Step3: Set up ID 

Go back to the store's "Marketing & Tracker" > "Tracker Setting" and click "Bing Conversion Pixel".EN_Step2-1.png


Enter the "Bing ID" and click "Add". Then you finish the setting !EN-Step2.png






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