Collect Customer's Data Details

To optimize customer relationship management, you can customize information to acquire when customers register as member and checkout

1. Preset fields
2. Custom fields


1. Preset fields

Go to "Settings" > "Customer Settings" 

Preset Fields (Available in both languages) include Gender and Birthday. Merchants can add up to 5 custom fields to collect customer details

  • Checkout Form: Customers checkout page
  • Signup Form: When the customer click on "Menu" and sign up as member
  • User Profile: Signed in customer can view the "Profile" page under "Menu"
  • "Include?" checkbox: Fields would be displayed on the respective page
  • "Required?" checkbox: Customers have to fill in the box, otherwise cannot proceed to next page 


This is the page where merchants can edit customer information to collect: 



2. Custom Fields

For custom fields, Chinese and English versions have to be configured separately.

Merchants can click "Add" button to add a new custom field, and fill in "Field Name" and "Field Hint". "Include?" and "Required?" options are also adjustable for each custom fields



Customers will be able to view the following: 

Field Name: Phone Model no. 

Field Hint: iPhone 6/Samsung Galaxy S6


Remarks: Removing custom fields in-use would permanently delete all collected customer data and it cannot be retrieved anymore. However, amending/changing "Field Name" or "Field Hint" will not affect the existing information.



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