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PayPal offers various payment methods, including PayPal accounts, credit cards, and eChecks. It is important to note that eChecks are not an instant payment method. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you disable the eCheck payment option in your personal PayPal account. For detailed instructions on how to close this option, please refer to 2. Disable the e-check payment method in PayPal below.



  • If you need to enable this feature, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team.
  • PayPal currently does not support domestic transactions within Taiwan. Therefore, users of Taiwan PayPal accounts will be unable to transact (receive/ make payments) with another Taiwan PayPal account. They can only transact with users of international PayPal accounts. If stores in Taiwan need to receive payments from or make payments to Taiwanese customers, it is advisable to set up alternative payment methods. For further information, please refer to Payment Options Introduction.
  • The fast checkout feature currently does not support the PayPal Express payment option. For more information, please see [Coming Soon] Fast Checkout.


In this article, you will be introduced to the following:


1. Set up a PayPal account

Step 1. Go to PayPal and create an account

  • For stores in Taiwan, please go to the PayPal registration page. Click Sign up on the top right.

    Choose "Receive payments with PayPal" and click Start Now.

  • For stores in Hong Kong, please go to the PayPal registration page, check "Business Account" and click Next to proceed.


Step 2. Enter email address

Enter your email address, and then click Next.



Step 3. Enter password

Set up your password, and then click Continue.



Step 4. Enter personal info

Enter your business details, and then click Continue to proceed.



Step 5. Enter business info

Choose your business type, business category, and subcategory. Then, enter your shop domain under "Business URL/domain." Enter the "Name on card statements." Upon completion, click Continue.



Step 6. Check your email inbox for PayPal correspondence

You will be directed to the page as shown below. Meanwhile, you're expected to receive emails from PayPal.



The emails from PayPal are as follows.



Step 7. Confirm your email

Open the email with the title "Welcome to PayPal! Activate your account now" and click Confirm My Email therein.



Step 8. Integrate PayPal with the Admin

Upon confirmation of your email address, return to PayPal and go to [Account Settings] > [API access] and click Update.



Step 9. Obtain the PayPal API credentials

Click Manage API credentials under "NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic)".



Step 10. Copy the information as requested (i.-iii. below)

Select Request an API signature, and then click Agree and Submit.



Click Show to display your and have them copied.

  • i. API username
  • ii. API password
  • iii. Signature


*Note: If you are unable to obtain the API username, API password, and signature following the route shown above, please click on this link directly to proceed with the acquisition.


Step 11. Contact SHOPLINE's online consultant

GO to SHOPLINE Admin, enter a message in the bottom right corner to request adding PayPal as a payment method and provide the necessary information.


Step 12. Complete the activation and confirm the information

Go to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Payment Options]. Find "PayPal Express" and click the Edit button to confirm your information is correct. If you have any questions, please contact your online consultant.



  • The PayPal email is your "API username without _api1. plus @". For example, if the API username is, then the PayPal email is
  • Please verify that the PayPal email address entered is correct. If the email address does not match your PayPal account, funds will NOT be able to be transferred into your PayPal account.
  • For PayPal's Seller Protection, please check the box below. Upon checking the box, the system will require the customer to fill in the billing address when checking out or the order will not be processed. Please refer to PayPal Seller Protection for further details.

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2. Disable the eCheck payment method in PayPal

Please log in to your PayPal account first and follow the 4 steps below to disable PayPal eCheck payments.

  • i. Click the "circle" icon next to your name on the top right.
  • ii. Select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • iii. Choose the Payment preferences tab
  • iv. Find the "Block payments" section and click the Update button next to it.



Check the box that says "Pay with eCheck transfer for all website payments except eBay. Note: You may not block eCheck payments on eBay" under the "Block the following payments:" section as indicated below.






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