Shop Email Management

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Now you can manage your shop email notification effectively by adding advanced settings at your backend.

A. Update/ Add advanced options for your shop email notification

Step 1: Basic Settings

Go to "Settings" "Basic Settings"



Step 2: Advanced Options

Click the "Advanced Options" under "Basic Info"

You can choose to enter different email address to receive Order, Order Comments Email and Message:

  • Order Email: You will be notified at this email address whenever a customer places an order.
  • Order Comments Email: You will be notified at this email address whenever a customer comments on an order.
  • Message Email: You will be notified at this email address whenever a customer sends you a message.
  • Inventory Out of Stock Email : The notification email send when you turn on the out of stock notification feature and there's any product's inventory is 0.
  • Billing Emails: Billing related emails will send to the emails in this field. You can enter up to 10 emails to receive billing notifications. Please use comma in between emails when you fill in more than one email.
  • If any type of the notification email is left blank, the emails corresponding to those events will be sent to "Store Owner" email in "Admin & Security Setting."
  • Shop Email: Any notification email that is unrelated to the above four events will be sent to this email.  
  • Reports Email: Emails containing exported reports are always sent to the email address of the logged-in user.



Step 3: Saved

Click the “Update” button in the bottom right corner to save your new email setting


B. Update Staff Login Email

Step 1: My Profile 

Expand the menu in the up right corner of your admin panel > "My Profile"



Step 2: Save

Enter the name and login email you would like to update > Click "Save" then you are all set!



C、The "Store Owner" email in "Admin & Security Setting"

The "Store Owner" email in "Admin & Security Setting" is the email you used when you registered this store with SHOPLINE. This login email is the master key of your store admin and has access to all features and pages in your admin panel.
If you want to change the "Store Owner" email, you will need to log in to this account first, then you may refer to the last section to see how to change the login email. 



Remarks: If you need to set up Custom Domain Email service, please check out Setting Up a Business Email







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