Pre-Order Products

SHOPLINE_All-Plan.jpgMerchants can set pre-order products so that you can secure the payment from customers while having your product ready. Product can be delivered after everything is settled. This article shows you how to make it happen. 


Step 1 

Go to "My Products" > "Add/ Edit Product" page > "Settings"



Step 2

In "Preorder" section, switch to "Yes" under "Is this a Preorder item?" row. "Preorder Note" field would appear 


Step 3 

Fill in "Preorder Note" > Click "Add" or "Update" to save the setting



"Preorder Note" will be displayed as reminder under product price; and
"Add to Cart"
button will appear as "Preorder Now" button 

Product page storefront will be shown as following:

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