Google Ads Conversion Tracker Setup


Google Ads is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to promote products/ service offerings to customers though Google Search and catch their eyes by Google Ads impression.

By creating a ''conversion tracking'' tool to shows you what happens after a customer interacts with your ads while advertising online ads. E.g. ''purchasing'' is a conversion action to understand your return on investment about ad spend. We have already integrated Google Ads conversion tracker to your shops admin panel though simple steps setting up the integration.



Setting Steps

Step 1: Complete initial Google Ads account setup

If you have already set up your Google Ads account, you can go directly to Step 2.

If this is your first time using Google Ads, please go to the Google Ads and click "Start now" to sign in with Gmail to complete the initial account setup. The initial settings include the account name, payment method, and the first advertising content. After completing the initial settings, you can pause the advertising content that you just set to stop running.EN_Step0.png 

Step 2: Switch to Expert Mode

After completing the initial setup of your ad campaign and store information, please click "Settings" and "Switch to Expert Mode" in the upper right corner in order to get conversion tracking codes and the full functions of Google Ads.

If you are already in expert mode, you can go directly to Step 3._eng_toolconverstions.png


Step 3: Create a conversion action

Click "Tools" >> "Measurement" >> "Conversions" in the upper right corner to enter the conversion action page and click the blue "+" button to start adding conversion action.



Step 4: Select the kind of conversions you want to track

There are four options , please select "Website" for subsequent settings._eng_trackingonwebsite.png


Step 5: Set up an conversion action

Please complete the settings corresponding to each field in order. After setting, please click "Create and continue"

  • Category: Purchase
  • Conversion name: That you can easily identify, such as "Purchase"_eng_purchase.png 
  • Value: Please select "Use different values for each conversion" and choose currency by the currency of your store, and adjust the value to 0 (the default will be 1). EN_Step6.png 
  • Count: Every
  • Conversion windowView-through conversion window, Include in "Conversions": Can be set according to your needs
  • Attribution model: Recommended "last click"EN_Step7.png 

Step 6: Set up the tag

There will be 3 options, please choose "Use Google Tag Manager" to copy the "Conversion ID" and "Conversion label", and click Next.EN_Step8.png



Go back to the store's "Marketing & Tracker" > "Tracker Setting" and click "Google Ads"



Enter the "Conversion ID" and the "Conversion label" to the column. And click "Add". EN_Step11.png  

Step 7: Done

Go back to the settings page of Google Ads and click "DONE" to complete the installation!EN_Step12.png 






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