Custom CSS | Advanced Design Settings


Merchants can go to [Online Store Design] > [Design] and select the Advanced Settings tab to edit the CSS of your own store:


After editing your custom CSS, please remember to click Save and Publish to apply the CSS code to your store.


Please note the following when you​ customize CSS: 

  • Common plain standard CSS3 tags are supported.
  • CSS mixins like Sass or Less are not supported.
  • If the CSS is not formatted properly, it won’t be shown at the storefront properly
  • Most CSS class names can be seen by looking at the HTML source code. SHOPLINE does not product specifications regarding the class usage and their meaning as it may change in the future, so you may use it at your own discretion.
  • Invalid CSS or CSS that poses a security risk will be removed.


As a network platform, it is a necessity that SHOPLINE frequently updates the website design and the nature of the system. If your custom CSS has problems due to website updates, this is out of the responsibility of SHOPLINE. Please monitor your website status frequently to ensure that your online store and layout are functioning properly. 

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