Google Remarketing Tag Setup

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Google Remarketing Tag allows you to reach customers who have previously visited your online store. By adding a Remarketing Tag to one of the pages on your website, customers who visit that page will be added to the remarketing list. Store owners can create remarketing ad campaigns so that customers on the remarketing list will see your store's ad campaigns when using Google's search engine. That is to say, customers who are not on the remarketing list will not be able to see your remarketing ad messages.

In this article, you will be introduced to the following:


[Coming Soon] Google Remarketing Tag supports "Pre-order availability date"

To ensure smooth ad delivery and avoid rejections when uploading product feeds onto Google Merchant Center due to product pre-order status, the system will automatically update the "pre-order availability date" in your product feeds. Once this feature is enabled, the availability date will be automatically included for products whose status is "Pre-order."

*Note: If you haven't set up Google Remarketing Tag in the Admin, please refer to this article to complete your Google Remarketing Tag setup first. The pre-order availability days will default to 30 days once you have enabled the feature.


1. Setting Steps

Step 1. Complete the initial Google Ads account setup

If you have already set up your Google Ads account, you can proceed directly to Step 2.

If this is your first time using Google Ads, please go to Google Ads and click Start now to sign in with Gmail to complete the initial account setup. The initial settings include the account name, payment method, and the first advertising content. After completing the initial setup, you can pause the advertising campaign that you just set to stop running.



Step 2. Set up audience sources

Click [Tools & Settings][Audience manager] > [Your data sources].  

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Then, click SET UP TAG in the Google Ads tag column.

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Step 3. Edit data source

Please select the first option "Only collect general website visit data to show ads to your website visitors" and click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.



Step 4. Tag Set up

Click Use Google Tag Manager and copy the "Conversion ID." Then, click CONTINUE.




Step 5. Tracker Settings

Go into your SHOPLINE Admin, then add a Google Remarketing Tag in [Marketing & Tracker] > [Tracker Settings] > [Google Remarketing Tag].

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Pick an action to track and paste the Google Conversion ID. Next, click Save to save your tracker.

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Step 6. Installation Completed

Return to the setup page of Google Ads and click DONE to complete the installation.







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