Subscription Cancellation & Retrieving Custom Domain

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For custom domains applying through SHOPLINE, the registration will be done via OpenSRS/GoDaddy/Bluehost/Hosting Speed, while the purchase and hosting billing of the domain is handled by SHOPLINE. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you can take back the shop's domain and transfer the domain to another domain hosting service provider. However, please be aware of these things below:

  • The domain cannot be transferred within 90 days after purchase. In other words, if you have registered your domain at hosting company A today, you will not be able to transfer your domain to company B the next day. The subscription cancellation takes 90 days to proceed. 
  • SHOPLINE will charge the handling fee of HKD 350/ TWD 1,200 for merchants who are not using the yearly plan and using the plan for less than six months.
  • For the Malaysia region, SHOPLINE will charge the handling fee of RM 270 (before SST) for merchants who are transferring out the complementary free custom domain.
  • A domain transfer usually takes about 1-2 weeks to proceed. Please do apply it in advance. Application may not be entertained if your subscription is expired during the process.
  • Merchants will have to find a new domain host and deal with the domain hosting fee, etc. If you wish to transfer your domain out from SHOPLINE, please prepare all the information before your application.

Do let our Online Merchant Success Team know through the conversation window in the Admin panel or email once you have made your decision.

There are mainly two methods in retrieving the domain: 

  1. For OpenSRS/Godaddy domains, SHOPLINE can provide a Transfer authorization key for the domain transfer.
  2. (Alternative Option) SHOPLINE could provide an OpenSRS User Name and Password.


Merchants can retrieve an OpenSRS User Name and Password and log in through this website: 

If the shop domain is

Domain name:

User Name: abcdefcom

Password: (from the email sent on OpenSRS from the Online Merchants Success Team)


If there are any problems in logging in, please contact the Online Merchant Success Team.


Merchants can click on Organization Contact to amend personal information. 

If you wish to change the Name Server settings, click on Name Servers/DNS, then click Manage Name Servers. After changing the settings, click Save Configuration to save changes. 


If you wish to change the DNS settings, you can click Name Servers/DNS, then click Modify DNS Zone. After changing the settings, click Save DNS Zone to save changes. 


If merchants wish to transfer your domain to another domain management provider, click Domain Extras to get Domain Authorization Information.






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