SHOPLINE Free Trial User Manual

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SHOPLINE offers a free trial period for its e-commerce features and add-on modules to help you get a hands-on understanding of how our services can help your business.  
If you are still not sure what SHOPLINE plan is right for you, don't worry. Register here and start your free trial today—no credit card required. 


Please note:

  • Trail stores do not come with a unique domain, and payment, logistics and custom services must be applied for separately.  Because of hardware requirements, please contact our Online Merchant Success Team if you want to apply for a free trial period for SHOPLINE POS for help getting set up. 
  • It is not possible to end the free trial early. If you no longer want to keep using SHOPLINE, your store will be locked automatically once the trial period ends. 
  • If you want to continue using any of SHOPLINE's features after the trial period ends, please check our pricing structures: SHOPLINE | Pricing | Plans & Add-on Modules
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