SKUs (stock keeping units)


SKUs (stock keeping units) are a system of alphanumeric product codes that are unique to a store. SKUs are useful for stock taking and can contain information such as product price, color, description etc. SKUs can also be converted into scannable barcodes. There are no universal standards for SKUs, so merchants are free to create a system that works best for them. 

1. SKU set up 

It is possible to set SKUs for Products, Add-on Items, and Free Gifts in SHOPLINE's admin panel.  

A. Products

In the admin panel, go to [Products & Categories] > [Products] then select a product to edit. You can enter an SKU for a product under the [Quantity & Pricing] tab. In this example, the product SKU is "ABC001" . 


You can set individual SKUs for product variations under the [Variations] tab. This example uses the following SKUs for product size: ABC001-S, ABC001-M, ABC001-L, ABC001-XL


B. SKUs for Add-ons

[Products & Categories] > [Add-ons] > [Add/edit] > [Add-on Item Info]



C. SKUs for Free Gifts 

[Products & Categories] > [Free Gifts] > [Add/edit]



2. Choosing an SKU format 

An SKU acts like a passport number for a product in your store. The format for an SKU should be consistent for each product or variation. A typical format may look like this: Brand name + category + product name + product color + product code. 

The format for product variations (in this example: small, medium and large sizes) would look something like this: ABC001-S, ABC001-M, ABC001-L

3. SKUs in Order Management  

In Order Management, the SKU for a product is displayed above the product name in the Product Details panel. Clicking on a product's SKU in the Product Details panel will copy the SKU to your clipboard. 

Please note: The SKU in the Product Details panel will match the SKU for a product at the time the order was made. 









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