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Tracker allows your customers to easily track and trace the shipment and delivery status of their parcels. In addition to integrating order and logistics status inquiries, Tracker enables customers to directly access your online stores, making it more convenient for them to reach you.


This article will cover the following:


1. App introduction

Tracker integrates with over 1,000 local and international logistics providers, including the YAMATO Cat (T-CAT), HCT Logistics, 7-11, FamilyMart, Chunghwa Post, SPX Express, DHL, Pickupp, and Hongkong Post (please see 3. Supported logistics providers for details). It covers most regions worldwide, allowing both local businesses and cross-border enterprises to experience more comprehensive logistics tracking services.

As merchants use Tracker, customers will automatically receive logistics tracking notifications for their SHOPLINE order packages during core delivery statuses. Even for non-SHOPLINE orders, customers can track them by simply entering the tracking number.


2. App highlights

i. For merchants

Tracker helps merchants reduce customer inquiries related to logistics and parcels to a certain extent, thus lowering customer service manpower costs and allowing merchants to focus more on core store operations.


ii. For customers

Tracker helps customers manage package delivery information comprehensively by allowing them to receive real-time delivery updates through app push notifications or obtain the latest logistics status via email.


3. Supported logistics providers

Tracker has integrated with over 1,000 international logistics providers, including USPS, UPS, DHL, OnTrac, LaserShip, OSM, YRC, SEKO Logistics, and more, covering the majority of countries and regions.

i. Taiwan

  • Tracker-supported logistics providers that are integrated with SHOPLINE: YAMATO Cat (T-CAT), HCT Logistics, 7-11, FamilyMart (FamiPort).
  • Other commonly used Tracker-supported logistics providers in Taiwan: Pelican, SF Express, Shopee Xpress (TW), DHL, Hongkong Post, Pickupp (TW), and more.

ii. Hong Kong

  • Tracker supports Hongkong Post, Kerry Express, DealerSend, Omni Parcel, and so on.

Tracker's comprehensive logistics tracking functionality serves customers in most regions at any time, and it continues to integrate with more logistics providers to deliver better service quality for all merchants and customers. For a more thorough list of logistics providers, please contact SHOPLINE Online Merchant Success Team.


4. Installation guidelines

Step 1

Go to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Apps] > [Apps Store] and search for “Tracker.” Click to enter the Tracker app intro page.



Step 2

Click Install Now on the top right.



Step 3

Grant the necessary permissions for accessing relevant information. Upon completion, click Install & authorize.



Step 4

Click on the Open App at the top right.



Step 5

Proceed to [Apps] > [My Apps] and find Tracker on the list. Then, click Activate script.



Step 6

Click Confirm to access the script. The system will display a successful activation message.



Step 7

The installation is completed, and the app is now enabled.




  • For logistics status "In Transit," Tracker will automatically send an email to the customer for user guidance.
  • Upon successful order placement by the customer, the Tracker app download guide will be automatically displayed when they reach the order completion page.
  • Due to variations in the functionality of different store themes, the Tracker app download guide is currently only supported for theme template Ultra Chic, Kingsman, and Varm.
  • Tracker supports automatic synchronization of waybills generated for SHOPLINE packages. As long as merchants use SHOPLINE's integrated logistics providers for shipping, customers can directly view the delivery status in Tracker.
  • If merchants choose logistics providers that are not integrated with SHOPLINE, then they will need to add packages manually and enter the logistics provider's name and tracking number to track the delivery status.


[Coming Soon] Display coupon code in Tracker

A. Display Tracker on the order success page

Upon switching on this toggle, the store's order success page will display a Tracker button, which aims to facilitate users to download Tracker to check the progress of the logistics.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 9.20.58 AM.png


B. Display coupon code in Tracker

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 9.26.53 AM.png

  • Go to Tracker Member Center at the bottom right > [Coupon code sources] to view available discounts/ coupons. Supported displayed promotional types include:
    • Percentage (%)
    • Fixed amount

  • The conditions for Tracker promotional campaigns to take effect are:
    • Available Channel: Online Store
    • Condition: Unconditional
    • Discounted on: All Products
    • Valid Period: Ongoing promotional campaigns
    • Apply to: All Customers
    • Apply method: Coupon
    • Usage: Unlimited


  • If you enter Tracker after a version update release, it will automatically direct you through the permission upgrade process.
  • For merchants that have installed Tracker, the storefront experience will not be affected following the update.
  • To reauthorize Tracker, please go to Admin > [My Apps]. Follow the instructions displayed at the top of the page, click on "Reauthorize," and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the authorization process.


5. Instructions for customers

i. How to download Tracker?

  • By opening the Tracker official website on a mobile device browser, you will be automatically directed to the iOS and Google Play app stores to download and install the app.
  • For iOS users, please go to App Store or search for “Tracker” from [Apps] > [Apps Store].
  • For Android users, please go to Google Play or search for “Tracker” from [Apps] > [Apps Store].


ii. How to use Tracker?

a. Synchronize SHOPLINE orders automatically

When placing orders in a store that has already integrated Tracker, please register for the Tracker app using the email address provided during the checkout process. You will then receive a notification message that says "Your order has been placed!"



The order information that shows "Order placed" will be automatically synced to the Tracker app.



Tap the order to view more details:

IMG_6045 2.PNG


b. Add tracking number to track shipment progress

Customers can track the progress of the logistics by entering the tracking number and selecting the logistics provider (Carrier). Then, tap Add shipment.



When customers open the Tracker app again, a reminder will pop up and says "Package Detected."



*Note: When customers tap "Add shipment" on Tracker, they can search the corresponding logistics providers name as listed below:

Logistics Providers Name
HCT Logistics
SF Express
SPX Express
Chunghwa Post
Hongkong Post
Pickupp (TW)


c. Perform queries by authorizing and managing email addresses

Tap the bottom right icon as indicated in the image below, and select "Shipment tracking sources" to bind customers' personal Gmail/ Outlook/ Amazon email accounts.



Tracker will automatically identify corresponding logistics tracking numbers from subsequently added emails/ sources. Tap Connect another source if applicable. It will then promptly retrieve and track the latest progress of the logistics.



d. Related links

Go to Tracker > [About the app].



Upon entering the page, you can:



iii. Tracker's order status and logistics status

You can check the order or logistics status via [Tracking notifications] > [Online store status]/ [Shipment deliver status] of the app.




a. Notice

  • Tracker determines and updates information based on the "logistics provider's delivery status" rather than SHOPLINE's order status. Therefore, when merchants change the delivery status to "anything but Unfulfilled" or modify the order status in the SHOPLINE Admin, it will not trigger notifications in Tracker.
  • When customers choose "Store Pick-up" as their delivery method, Tracker will only send notifications when the delivery status is "Unfulfilled." Other delivery statuses or updates in the order status will not trigger notifications.
  • Customers can choose to receive push notifications for different order statuses and package statuses. However, when the Tracker's logistics status remains "In Transit," additional email and SMS reminders will be sent.
    Screenshot 2023-07-18 at 3.38.50 PM.png

In the following sections b. and c., the order status and package status of Tracker will be introduced respectively.


b. Online store status (Order status)


  • Order placed
  • Order canceled


b. Shipment deliver status (Package status)


  • Unfulfilled
  • Shipped
  • Picked Up
  • In Transit
  • Arrived at Delivery City
  • Out for Delivery
  • Delivered
  • Returned
  • Returning to sender
  • Canceled
  • Refused
  • Exception


6. FAQs

i. Will my store have any functional changes once Tracker is enabled?

  • When merchants enable Tracker, it will automatically identify the logistics delivery progress of their orders. When the package status shows "In Transit," Tracker will automatically send emails/ SMS notifications to customers.
  • If merchants activate the "Running Scripts" feature, the current order completion page of the store will automatically display a download button for Tracker. Users can register for Tracker through the order completion page, and their subsequent orders will be automatically synced with the Tracker app. This allows users to track their order status independently, reducing unnecessary inquiries to the merchants and relieving your customer service pressure.
  • Due to variations in the functionality of different store themes, the Tracker app download guide is currently only supported for theme template Ultra Chic, Kingsman, and Varm.


ii. How to check the supported logistics providers by Tracker in Taiwan?

  • In Taiwan, Tracker-supported logistics providers that are integrated with SHOPLINE include the YAMATO Cat (T-CAT), HCT Logistics, 7-11, and FamilyMart (FamiPort). Other commonly used Tracker-supported logistics providers in Taiwan are Pelican, SF Express, Shopee Xpress (TW), DHL, Hongkong Post, Pickupp, and more.
  • Tracker continues to integrate with more logistics providers to provide better service quality for all merchants and customers. For a more detailed list of logistics providers, please contact the Tracker official for confirmation.


iii. Does Tracker obtain the logistics information in real time?

  • Tracker, through its integration with partners, assists merchants and customers in obtaining logistics tracking information. The logistics tracking information obtained by Tracker is based on the updated content provided by the logistics providers.
  • Please be reminded that there may be situations where logistics information is delayed due to the fact that some logistics providers may not immediately update their systems during offline operational activities. This can result in a delay in the availability of certain logistics information.


iv. After enabling Tracker, will notifications about logistics statuses (i.e. emails and text messages) incur charges?

  • When a customer completes an order in your store and the parcel is in "In Transit" status, the customer will automatically receive email or text notifications. These notifications are sent out by the Tracker official, and currently, Tracker does not charge any fees for this service.


7. Get in touch with Tracker

1. For merchants

If you encounter issues with order details synchronization or supported logistics providers while using the Tracker app, you can contact the Tracker official via email at


2. For customers

If your customers encounter problems while using the Tracker app, they can contact the Tracker official through the following options.

  • Email: If you have questions related to orders or tracking, you can contact Tracker for assistance by emailing
  • The “Feedback” section of the app: Tracker supports customers to submit questions or inquiries through the "Feedback" section within the app.

    After tapping on the Select feedback type dropdown menu, choose the type of inquiry you need, input the content or upload screenshot images in the "Image" section, and then click Submit.





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