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SHOPLINE releases the "Retrieve Keyword Orders" feature that allows you to add additional products and retrieve customers' keyword comments after the livestream has ended.

⚠️ Note:

  • This feature is currently only available for the Facebook page/group livestream.
  • Livestream that has ended for more than 14 days will be unable to use this feature.

This article will cover the following:


1. Setup

Step 1

Once the livestream has ended, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live], and enter the livestream. Then, add products to the livestream.Screen_Shot_2023-05-17_at_2.49.56_PM.png


Step 2

Click the More Actions drop-down menu at the top right and select Retrieve Keyword Orders.



Step 3

Click Retrieve Keyword Orders. Once you have read the relevant notes, select Confirm. The system will detect the customer's comment and add respective products to the shopping cart.


  • You can only retrieve keyword orders once for each livestream. Please make sure you have added all relevant products to the livestream before proceeding.
  • As the system does not entirely detect and add products to the shopping cart based on the comment's order; therefore, the system could not guarantee first-come-first-served for products with limited stocks.




2. Retrieving keyword orders

Once confirmed, a "Processing" prompt will appear at the top right of the page.



Click [More Actions] > [Retrieve Keyword Orders] one more time to see the progress.



Once completed, it will show the number of keyword comments retrieved.



*Note: You must refresh the page after the keyword is retrieved. A label will appear under each retrieved keyword.



The system will send a message notifying the customer that the product has been added successfully to the cart.




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