E-Wallet Checkout (HK)

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With the SHOPLINE Payments POS payment method, customers can have more options to pay at checkout; and merchants can raise the checkout completion rate. Besides swiping or tapping cards, customers can scan QR Codes to pay by e-wallets without using a card terminal.

In this article, you'll learn the checkout process for e-wallets at stores in Hong Kong.

*Note: Before using the e-wallet, please activate the SHOPLINE Payments POS payment method and e-wallet feature, and add the e-wallet to your payment options. Please see Payment Options Application and Settings (HK) for the setup.


1. Checkout flow for Alipay (merchant scan)/(customer scan)

Step 1

Go to the Checkout tab on the POS app. Select the product and tap the green button at the bottom to check out. 



Step 2

Select the Alipay (Merchant scan) or Alipay (Customer scan) option. 



Step 3

Tap Preorder or Checkout

*Note: Checkout will not succeed if the payment amount matches any of the three situations below. A blocking window will pop up to pause the process.

  • The payment amount is 0.

  • Payment amount > Total order amount.

  • Payment amount < The minimum checkout amount. The minimum checkout amount is the checkout amount condition you set in the Admin. To change this amount, please go to [Settings] > [Payment Options] > POS tab in the Admin.


Step 4

A. Alipay (Merchant scan)

Scan the customer's Alipay payment QR Code by one of the following 2 methods.

  • Scan with scanner: Use a supported scanner to scan the QR code.
  •  [Coming Soon] Scan with iPad's camera: Tap Cam Scan and scan with your iPad's camera. Please ensure that the POS app is updated to v1.56.0 or later.



  • This payment method applies to Alipay (China) and Alipay (Hong Kong).
  • The S700 Bluetooth scanner does not support QR Code scanning. Please use a supported QR Code scanner. Please refer to S700 Barcode Scanner Installation and BT-680D Bluetooth Scanner and Pairing Up with Phone / Tablet for the operations and setting instructions of the scanner.
  • [Coming Soon] The first time you use the camera scanning feature, the POS app will require access to your iPad's camera. Please tap OK to use the feature. Please ensure that the POS app is updated to v1.56.0 or later.IMG_0927.PNG


B. Alipay (Customer scan)

Wait for the transaction QR Code to appear in the system, then invite the customer to scan the code to pay. Please note that the time limit for the transaction code is 3 minutes. The payment will be invalid if the payment is not completed within the time limit.


If the transaction exceeds the time limit, please tap the reset icon to regenerate the transaction QR Code.



Step 5

The POS app will show the payment is successful when the transaction is complete.



  • The failure sign will appear on the POS app if the payment fails. You can tap Reinitiate payment to scan the customer's payment code again or tap Cancel Payment to terminate the payment. 1.9_EN.PNG

  • If the order is paid by Alipay (customer scan) in 3 minutes, the app will display a confirmation screen. Please wait for the final payment result. 



2. Cancel payment

The POS app can cancel payments and cancel orders for transactions that have not yet been paid or failed to pay. After cancelling the payment, the transaction of the original order will not be removed. Only unexpired store credits and member points will be reverted. You can cancel or reinitiate the payment in the Order tab.

You can cancel your e-wallet payment under two circumstances:

  1.  Before scanning
  2.  Payment failure after scanning the payment code

A "Confirm to Cancel" window will pop up when you tap Cancel payment. Tap OK to continue.

  • The screen when cancelling the payment for general orders, preorders, and exchange orders with an amount greater than 0:
    Since orders for Alipay (merchant scan) are only created after scanning the code, there will be no option to cancel the order before scanning the code.

  • The screen for cancelling preorder settlement:
    You can only cancel the payment. The pay-off order will be deleted. Please return to the order history to pay off the preorder again. 
  • The screen for cancelling the payment after a payment failure. 2.3_EN.PNG

A yellow box will appear to confirm that you have successfully canceled the payment. You can go to the Order tab to cancel the order. 



  • You can only cancel the payment when you tap "Cancel payment" to pay off preorders. Please go to the Order tab to pay off the preorder again.
  • Since orders for Alipay (China) are only created upon scanning the customer's payment code, payment cancellation will not be recorded before the code scanning. Only payment cancellation is available.
  • If you subsequently cancel the "non-preorder-payoff" orders, the system will cancel the order directly.


3. Changing payment option when reinitiating payment (Android version)

If the payment fails after scanning the payment code, you can reinitiate the payment and check out with another payment method.

Step 1

On the payment error page, tap Reinitiate payment, and a confirmation window will pop up. Tap OK to reinitiate payment.


Step 2

If you select another payment method, choose one payment method (including the SHOPLINE Payments POS payment method and general payment methods, such as cash, coupons, etc.) to pay.

Please note the following restrictions when switching the payment method:

  • Products in the cart cannot be changed.
  • The operating staff must stay the same.
  • The type of the original order cannot be changed. For example, if it was originally a general order, it cannot be changed into a preorder when switching the payment method.



Step 3

*This feature is only available for merchants using the POS app Android v1.28.0 and above.

You can choose to add a second or more payment option. Edit the amount payable to make it less than the failed payment amount, and tap Add payment to add other payment methods. You can choose the following payment combinations:

  • 1 SHOPLINE Payments option+ 1 ~ 4 general payment options (5 payment options in total)
  • 1 ~ 5  general payment options (5 payment options in total)


Please pay attention to the following notes when editing.

1. Notes on editing the amount payable for SHOPLINE Payments options

  • The amount cannot be less than 0 HKD.
  • The amount payable cannot be greater than the failed payment amount (as change is not available).
  • If Octopus is chosen as the first payment option, the amount cannot be greater than 3,000 HKD.

2. Notes on editing the amount payable for general payment options

  • The amount cannot be less than 0 HKD, except for return orders and exchange orders whose amount is less than 0 HKD.
  • The edited amount can be greater than the failed payment amount (as the change is available).

After adding new payment options and all amounts are confirmed, tap Reinitiate payment.


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