Jumppoint Logistics Introduction and Application

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In this article, you'll find the features of Jumppoint:


1. Service features

Jumppoint Logistics was established in Hong Kong in 2020. It can deliver any goods to any place at any time at a competitive price. It also supports multi-temperature shipments and door-to-door service in Hong Kong.

  • Support placing orders with mobile app/website.
  • Real-time GPS order status tracking for easy collection/delivery time management.
  • Records of the delivery photo and recipient's signature
  • 1,000+ self pick-up services available in Hong Kong, including Circle K convenience stores and Jumppoint self-pickup points.
  • Professional and reliable cold-chain logistics solutions for delivering goods at -18 to -12°C (frozen), -4 to 0 °C (chilled) and room temperature.
  • Delivery of one single order for 2 or more temperature zones at one go to save time and cost.


2. Application process

To use Jumppoint, you must first open a SHOPLINE LOGISTICS-OneShip monthly account.

You can use the Jumppoint service directly from OneShip if you have applied for a SHOPLINE Logistics / OneShip monthly account.

Currently, the logistics services supported by OneShip include SF Express (Hong Kong), Zeek2Door, HAVI Frozen Delivery, Kerry Express (local shipping), Hongkong Post Speedpost, Jumppoint and DHL International Delivery.

SHOPLINE has integrated with the logistics management system OneShip. Merchants can import orders from SHOPLINE stores into the OneShip system to process the shipment.

Application for OneShip postpaid account

  1. Proceed to the link: https://marketing.oneship.io/hk/sign-up and submit your application.
  2. Merchants using a OneShip postpaid account will be charged by SHOPLINE for monthly shipping charges and monthly value-added service fees (if any). You can choose one of the following two payment methods:
    • Authorized bank account automatic transfer fee (Recommended).
    • Pay a deposit of $10,000, and the monthly bill can be paid by bank transfer/credit card (3% credit card surcharge).


A. Authorized bank account automatic transfer fee

If you select "Authorized bank account automatic transfer fee," please download and fill in the attached "Direct Debit Authorization Form" and mail it along with the following documents to SHOPLINE's office address: 21/F., Nam Wo Hong Building, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (Attn.: MS Team).

  • Apply as a company: Copy of Business Registration Certificate.
  • Apply as an individual: Copy of the applicant's identity card + copy of bank statement in the applicant's name within the past three months.
  • If you wish to use services from HAVI, please provide a signed disclaimer copy of HAVI.

*Note: The bank account information in the Direct Debit Authorization Form must match the company or individual merchant name selected in the application form.

If the Direct Debit Authorization Form information is incorrect or incomplete, please redo it and mail it again. You can send the form to SHOPLINE for confirmation before sending the documents. If you have applied for other logistics services and submitted relevant documents before, please contact SHOPLINE for confirmation.


B. Pay a deposit of $10,000

If you choose to pay the monthly deposit of $10,000 with a bank transfer/ by credit card, please obtain the company's bank account information from SHOPLINE to pay the deposit.

Once we receive your documents, we will assist you with the subsequent application steps as soon as possible.


3. Admin settings

To activate Jumppoint, you have to add a new delivery option in Admin. 

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Settings] > [Delivery Options], and click on the Add button.

Select "Custom" for the Delivery Type, and enter the name and description of the delivery option.

Jumppoint provides two types of delivery services (Same-day Express and Standard Express). You need to create two delivery methods in the Admin if you want to use both services.


Same-day / Standard Express - Door to door



Set up the "Shipping Zone and Delivery Fee" according to your preference.




Click Add, and the "Apply to all promotions" window will appear. Select whether or not to apply to all promotions, and click OK to complete.



Standard Express - Door to pick-up spot



Set up the "Shipping Zone and Delivery Fee" according to your preference.




You can click this link to download the latest Jumppoint store information.

After filling in the information, click Upload File to upload the information to the system.



Click Add, and the "Apply to all promotions" window will appear. Select whether or not to apply to all promotions, and click OK to complete.



Once completed, customers can select the respective delivery option and pick-up address during checkout.



4. Shipping process

Step 1. Execute the shipment

Click the + Create Order button on the top right of the [Shipments] > [Order Management] and select Create Order or Bulk Create

For more information, please refer to the following:

  1. How do I book for a single shipment?
  2. How to create shipments in bulk?

For SHOPLINE merchants, the order will directly integrate into OneShip's "Order Management" page. Merchants can execute the shipment from here without the need to create a new order. 

You can manage the parcel information (e.g., shipments and reception) on OneShip.




Next, select Jumppoint - Standard for the logistics service provider.



Click Ship to complete the shipment.



Step 2. Print shipment label

On the "Order Management" page, check the shipments you want to bulk print, then click Print labels in bulk.

For more information, please refer to the following:

  1. How to print a single label?
  2. How to create multiple labels at once / Bulk print labels?


A sample shipment list and packing list



Step 3. Book a shipment

After creating a shipment through the OneShip system, please print the shipment label and attach it to the well-packaged parcels. Jumppoint will arrange for a courier to pick up your package during office hours.


Cancel order

Please notify Jumppoint customer service using WhatsApp as soon as possible if you need to cancel the shipment after placing the order. Otherwise, Jumppoint has the right to charge the shipping fee for the order.

Jumppoint customer service WhatsApp number: 6058 8546


5. Notes

Service information

A. Same-day Express

The same-day delivery service is available for parcels at room temperature, -18 to -12°C and 0 to 4 °C. The service information is as follows: 

  • Cut-off time: 8:00 PM daily
  • Pick-up Time: Next day 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM
  • Delivery time: 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM on the same day

The weight and size restrictions for same-day delivery are as follows:



B. Standard Express

The standard delivery service is available for parcels at room temperature. The service information is as follows: 

  • Cut-off time: 8:00 PM daily
  • Pick-up Time: Next day 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Delivery time: 3:00 PM - 8:00 PM on the day after

The weight and size restrictions for standard delivery are as follows:EN14.png

*Note: Jumppoint delivery service only calculates the shipment's actual weight, not the volumetric weight.


Collection guideline

  • Industrial and commercial area: starting from 1 order, a door-to-door collection is available.
  • Non-industrial, commercial, and residential areas: 6 orders can be picked up at the door.


Delivery standard

Delivery time

  • Same-day delivery: Deliver on the day of receipt.
  • Standard delivery: 1 - 2 working days.

Jumppoint offers second-time delivery services to the receiving address. If the shipment is unsuccessful because of the failure to contact the recipient, Jumppoint will let the sender know for more help.


Area coverage

Jumppoint's service coverage includes Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and urban areas of the New Territories.

However, some areas are excluded. Please refer to the following areas:

  • Islands District
  • Lantau Island (except Tung Chung), Ma Wan, Kwun Yam Shan Village.
  • Areas with restricted access or prohibited entry for trucks.
  • Logistics warehouses, transit warehouses, warehouses where pick-up or delivery requires queuing, or those requiring gate entry fees or registration fees.

Limited delivery service is provided to the following areas:

  • Government buildings (including but not limited to government offices and police stations), hospitals, and funeral parlors do not offer door-to-door delivery service. Recipients need to meet at the entrance.
  • For certain addresses, customers may need to arrange pick-up at designated locations, such as delivery on the ground floor for walk-up buildings (Tong Lau) or at the village entrance or public parking lots along the main road for village houses.
  • If the delivery location is not accessible by vehicle, the driver will arrange delivery at a safe parking spot along the road.


Claim Channel

No refund or compensation will be offered for goods damaged or delayed due to the following events:

  • Insufficient or inadequate packaging resulting in breakage or damage.
  • Nature of the goods being flammable, explosive, moldy, perishable, or subject to discoloration.
  • Fragile items not labeled with "Fragile" stickers.
  • Unforeseeable or force majeure factors, such as traffic accidents, causing hindrance or delay; delivery to incorrect or invalid residential address or contact phone number.

In case of damage to the outer packaging resulting in loss or damage of goods, the maximum compensation amount for a single order is HK$780 or the declared value of the goods (whichever is lower).

Claims for compensation for damaged goods must be submitted by email with relevant evidence within 96 hours after receipt of the goods. Jumppoint reserves the right to reject any claims submitted after the period.

In case of a total loss of postal items and you need to make further claims, please get in touch with the SHOPLINE Online Merchant Success Team first.


6. Monthly freight

Pre-paid account

OneShip will charge according to the weight you enter. If the parcel's actual weight differs from the weight you claim, OneShip has the right to charge you the difference in shipping costs. The final shipping weight and fee will be subject to Jumppoint.


Monthly account

OneShip will charge the monthly shipping fee based on the actual shipping amount. The shipping fee will be subject to Jumppoint.






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