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To reduce back-and-forth communication, merchants can use the "Send invitation to bind membership" feature to send member invitations with just one click. Customers can simply click the button in the message to open the registration page and complete membership binding.

This article will cover the following:


1. Send invitation to bind membership

Step 1

Proceed to SHOPLINE Admin > [Social Commerce] > [Message Center]. Click the "Instant Message" tab and open the conversation with the customers who you want to invite to bind membership. Then click the Send invitation to bind membership button in the "User Profile" section.



Step 2

The system will send an invitation message to the customer, and the "Sent" reminder will appear on the top right of the page.



You can go to [Message Center] > [Post Message] to send an invitation to the customer.



*Note: The "Send invitation to bind membership" button will be grayed out if you have reached the 24-hour limit on WhatsApp.



2. Customer's view

The customer will receive an invitation message sent by the system (Below is an example of the message on Facebook Messenger).



After the customer clicks the Go now button in the message, a new tab will be opened and automatically direct to the member registration/login page of your store. When a customer successfully registers/logs in, the system will automatically bind the customer's online store membership account with the social channel account.

*Note: Customers can successfully bind their member accounts by logging in with Facebook or LINE.



After the customer successfully binds the member account, a reminder text "Member profile bound successfully" will appear on the top right of the page. Click click here to load to refresh the page.



After refreshing the page, you will see that the customer's online store membership account and social channel account have been successfully bound.



3. Custom messages

Go to [Message Center] > [Omni-channel CRM Assistant] > [Social channel account binding] to set up the invitation message. Then, click the Renew button to complete.

  • Facebook / Instagram / LINE: You can customize the message content and the button text.
  • WhatsApp: You can customize the message content. The system will automatically include the sign-in/sign-up link in the message.

*Note: You can directly insert a dynamic text for the customer name. The system will automatically import the customer's name when sending.



4. Notes

  • Member customers need to click the "Go now" button in the invitation message as guests and complete the member login to bind the membership accounts.
  • If the customer does not register/log in immediately after clicking "Go now" in the invitation message, but browses other pages and then returns to the sign-up page to sign up/in, the system will not automatically bind the membership accounts.
  • This feature only supports sending membership invitations to a customer who has interacted with you within 24 hours.
  • To protect the security of the customer’s social account, the button link in the invitation message is valid for 1 hour. Customers need to click the button to complete the sign-up/in within the hour after receiving the message. The system will not automatically bind the membership accounts after the time limit.
  • When you send a membership invitation to a customer, the reminder below will appear in the chat window to remind you of the timeliness of the binding feature. This text is only visible to you.



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