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The Bottom Navigation appears at the bottom of the app homepage. You can set up the content and the color of it.


Step 1. Go to the editing page

Select Bottom Navigation at the bottom of the elements list.


Step 2. Set the displaying icons and their order

Click thecloseeye.pngand openeye.png icons to show or hide the icon. The Home icon is fixed to be displayed. You are required to show 2 more but no more than 4 icons. Click the button on the left to arrange the order of the icons.


Step 3. Set up text content

Click the arrow to enter the text content.


Step 4. Icon content settings

You can select to use the default icon image or use your custom icon image. If you select to use the custom image, please upload the image at its general state and selected state. The recommended image size is 60*60.


Step 5. Overall color setting

Click Overall Color Setting at the bottom left of the page to enter the editing column.



Select the background color of the Bottom Navigation, and the font and icon colors when the icons are selected.

*Note: If the icon content uses a custom icon image, the font color and icon color in the selected state you set here will not be synchronized to the icon image.






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