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You can setup a category page path in the Botton Navigation, and let customer enter the native category page by tapping the path. You can customize the display style of the category page. If you open the product category page from the EC H5 page, you will still enter the EC H5 category page.


Step 1

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Mobile App Management] > [App Design] and scroll down to "Category Page Setting." Click Setting to enter the editing page.



Step 2

Select the style of the category page. The system selects plain text list by default. 



① When you select plain text list 

Switch the toggle buttons to set to show sold-out or hidden products respectively.



② When you select image with text list

  • Set the category image: You can set the image for the smallest layer of the category. Hover the cursor to right side of the sub-category, click the 1.5_ver_ZHa.png icon to add an image. The recommended image size is 160*160. 


  • Switch the toggle buttons to set to show sold-out or hidden products respectively.



  1. The system by default synchronizes the publish statuses of all the categories of the online store, including the category banner and name. If you want to modify it, go to [Products & Categories] > [Classification]. After the modification, the app will have a cache of about 1 to 1.5 hours .
  2. If you display the category as an image with text list,  the app will take the first product image of each sub-category for the category image.
  3. After tapping the category page, the customer will enter the native product list page. The settings of sold-out products and hidden products will also be synchronized to the product list page.


Step 3

After the setup, confirm the display in the preview area at the middle, click Update and use to update to the app.






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