LINE POINTS Conversion CPA Ads Settings

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*Only support TWD stores/Taiwan-based merchants using an annual plan.

Try SHOPLINE's "LINE POINTS Conversion CPA Advertisement" to get your online store more exposure and promotion opportunities. Uses LINE POINTS rewards as incentives to attract customers to complete designated purchase missions, attract internet traffic and increase sales.


In this article, you'll find:


1. LINE POINTS Conversion CPA Ads setup

The LINE POINTS Conversion CPA Ads currently need to be activated by the Online Merchant Success Team. There are two ways to do that:


Before activating this feature, please purchase the LINE POINTS Conversion CPA Ads through the SHOPLINE Online Merchant Success Team before setting up the tracker.

To learn more about the application for LINE Ads tracking code, please see LINE FAQ - Ads tracker and SDK(currently available in Traditional Chinese).


1. Run ads on LINE

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Marketing & Tracker] > [Marketing]. Click Contact us next to "LINE Advertising Plan."



2. Tracker setting

Go to [Marketing & Tracker] > [Tracker Settings] in the Admin and click the LINE POINTS Tag (CPA) box.



On the Add Event Tracker page, click Contact Us to start your inquiry with the Online Merchant Success Team at the bottom right of the page.



2. Customer's view of the LINE POINTS Conversion CPA Ads 

Step 1

After activating the Ads and tracker, customers can view the Conversion CPA Ads of your online store by going to Home/ Wallet > LINE POINTS on the LINE app. After tapping Agree to the Terms of Agreement, they will be directed to the page to start purchasing.



Step 2

Customers will see a remark pop-up window. Tap Agree and Continue to be directed to your online store.



Step 3

After completing the two steps above, customers can make purchases through the LINE POINTS Conversion CPA Ads.

*Notes: Customers may not be able to gain LINE POINTS in the following situations -

  • Customers have not switched on browser tracking cookies or have not disabled tools and settings that block cookies tracking.
  • Customers jump to other domains, browsers, apps, and devices during the shopping process, resulting in cookie-tracking failure.
  • After the customer is redirected to the store through the button, the cookies will go invalid if the purchase is not completed within 24 hours.



3. Notes 

  • When the customer pays through the following channels, since the system will not automatically jump back to the store's order completion page, it may cause a failure in cookies tracking, and thus LINE POINTS cannot be assigned to the customer:
    • O'Pay: Credit card, WebATM, CVS, ATM virtual account transfer
    • ECPay: Credit Card, WebATM, CVS, Barcode, ATM virtual account transfer
  • When the customer does not agree to be tracked by the website, the tracking event will not be sent to LINE POINTS, so LINE POINTS cannot be assigned.
  • You need to go to the LINE POINTS Manager to confirm whether the customer has completed the designated purchase mission within 60 days after the customer's order completion and assign LINE POINTS. In case the confirmation is not done for more than 60 days, the system will assign LINE POINTS by default. To learn more about the operations of the LINE POINTS Manager, please see LINE FAQ (currently available in Traditional Chinese).



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