WhatsApp Billing Report and Details

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SHOPLINE has launched the "WhatsApp Billing Report" feature to help you view WhatsApp detail charges and related information.

In this article, you will be introduced to the following:


1. WhatsApp messages pricing

As of 1 June 2023, the new pricing for WhatsApp conversation will be implemented

The charging methods for WhatsApp can be divided into “Customer-initiated conversation” and “Store-initiated conversation.” Both have a 24-hour conversation time limit. 

A. Customer-initiated conversation

WhatsApp provides a monthly quota of 1,000 free conversations for customers to send messages to the store. Extra charges will be incurred if the quota limit is exceeded.

B. Store-initiated conversation

The quota of 1,000 free conversations does NOT apply to conversations initiated by merchants. Each conversation will be billed based on the type of conversation initiated, including:

  • Marketing promotion message
  • Customer service message
  • Authentication message (sending from the SHOPLINE Admin is currently unsupported)


The pricing is as follows:


2. WhatsApp billing period



3. View WhatsApp service charge

Click Hello, (your name) at the top right of the SHOPLINE Admin and select Service Charge & Payment.



Scroll down to the "Service Charge Bill" section to see the billing cycle, status, total amount, and payment due date. You can also settle the payment online.



Click View on the right of the bill to view the details.

In the "Billing Information" section, click Details to jump to the WhatsApp report. Please refer to the following part for more details.



4. Export WhatsApp report

Step 1

Besides clicking the Details button, you can also go to [Report & Analytics] > [Report Export] to enter the WhatsApp Report page.



Step 2

Click Export to get the report.



Step 3

Download the report from your email.



5. Permission settings

Go to [Settings] > [Permission & Security] in the Admin and click Edit next to the staff you want to edit the access permission.



Select the Admin Access Rights tab, scroll down the page to the "Report & Analytics" section, and check the box for "WhatsApp Report" to grant viewing permission to the staff member.





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