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A. Introduction to Shopping Cart Add-on Items Feature

To increase exposure for selected add-on item and attract customers to buy more items in the shop, merchant can set up “Shopping Cart Add-on Items” Event. By setting up this feature, customer can view and buy selected add-on items in the shopping cart before they properly checkout.

Use Cases

  • Sales items: Set up an item with a super sales price to attract customers to buy more in the last step.
  • Hot selling items: If there’s lots of different items in your store, you can select some hot selling items to promote again in the shopping cart.
  • Clearance items: You can also set up clearance sales in shopping cart.


Please be noted that

  • In the same promotion period, it would only show one set of events in the shopping cart at one time. Merchant can not set up multiple events with the same valid period.
  • We allow a maximum number of 20 add-on items to be added to the event. While setting up more than 4 shopping cart add-on items, the symbol will appear at the shopping cart page, which shown as below:
  • If the add-on item itself has been unpublished, deleted or out of stock, it would not be shown in the storefront. Similarly, if the shopping cart add-on item event has been unpublished, deleted or has expired, the whole event would not be shown in the storefront. If the customer has added this add-on item into his/her shopping cart previously but did not check out yet, the item will be automatically removed by the system.
  • If the add-on item has been set up for a valid period or expiry date, the dates would not be applied to cart add-on items. In this case, all add-on items’ validity period or expiry date would be based on shopping cart add-on item event’s validity period.
  • As add-on items are super sales items, “apply promotion” logic is the same as product level items, meaning that when shopping cart add-on items are added, any additional discounts are not applicable on such items.



B. Admin > Setup Shopping Cart Add-on Items

Step 1: Products & Categories > Add-on Items

  • If there are not any add-on items in the shop, please create one.
  • If there are already existing add-on items in the shop, you can skip the step above and use them directly.
  • For the details, please refer to FAQ: Create Add-on Items.


Step 2: Sales & Promotions > Shopping Cart Add-on Items

  • Click “Add” to create a new event


  • Input the promotion name
  • Select Purchase condition: No Condition / Total Order over minimum amount 
  • input valid date
  • select add-on items (at most 20 items)
  • Input add-on price for order-level and set purchase limit per order


Step 3: Done!

  • After checking all the info on the edit page, click “Add” or “Update” to save the settings
  • Then you can go to the storefront to check if the event has been set up successfully


C. Shop > Buy Shopping Cart Add-on Items

  • Add a product to cart. There should be at least one product in the cart in order to trigger the Cart Add-on Items to show.
  • [Coming Soon] If order subtotal does not meet purchase condition, “ADD TO CART” will be disable and minimum amount reminder will be displayed.
  • You can see the add-on items under the Checkout Flow - Shopping Cart step. When you click “ADD TO CART”, the item would be added to the current shopping cart.
  • When added cart add-on items to cart, system will check if quantity is out of stock. If not, system will check if quantity is over purchase limit.
    • If quantity is out of stock, system will shows "SOLD OUT" and not allow to add more add-on items to cart.
    • If quantity is in stock but over purchase limit, system will shows "REACH LIMIT" and not allow to add more add-on items to cart.


When order subtotal does not meet purchase conditionmceclip1.png

When order subtotal meets purchase condition



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