Show Promotion Campaign Information on Product Details Page


To provide a better view to show promotions and attract customers to shop more, you can enable the "Show promotion campaign information on product details page" feature. When customers browse the product page, they can see the promotion that can be applied to this main product. You could upsell when customers see campaigns like "Purchase over 1000 and get 10% discount".

Note: For shops using custom CSS, please review the storefront design again after you enable the feature.

1. Steps to set up in Admin

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Promotions & Reward] > [Promotions] and click Promotion Settings.


Switch on the toggle button "Show promotion campaign information on product details page".



2. View from storefront

All the customers can see the promotion campaign information on the product page. The information is just a suggestion for customers but not the final promotion to be applied to the order. The promotion will be applied when customers reach the shopping cart page.


i. The promotion information includes:

  • Store-wide discount; Product-level discount; Category-level discount
  • Free gifts; Product-level free gifts; Category-level free gifts
  • Order-level free shipping; Product-level free shipping
  • Bundle Promotion; A+B Promotion; Buy X Get Y Promotion


ii. The promotion information does not include:

  • All promotions using coupon codes
  • Promotions that are only applicable to affiliate campaigns


iii. Ways of display:

  • End Date: If there's no end date, this part will not be shown
  • Apply to: All Products, Selected Products/Category, Free Shipping, Bundle Promotion, A+B Promotion
  • Place: under the product name
  • Format: {End Date} {Apply to} {Promotion Name}
  • Amount of display: It shows 2 promotions as default on the product page. If there are more than 2 promotions for that product, it would show "Show more" to let customers click and view all the promotions available.
  • Sorting: Promotion with the closest end date will be on the top. If all promotions are not expiring, the promotion created the earliest will be on the top. 
  • Target group:
    • If you select the target group as "All Members", these promotions and campaigns will show up after customers logged in.
    • If you select the target group as "Specific Membership Tier(s)", these promotions and campaigns will appear to logged-in customers who belong to the specific membership tier 







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