How to Update Order Tracking Details

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Merchants can update the courier name, tracking number, and tracking URL of orders so that customers can track orders with ease. 

Note: This feature is only available for Local Couriers, International Couriers, and Custom Deliveries.


This article will cover the following:


1. Available delivery options for TW and HK


  1. Local courier
  2. International courier
  3. Delivery - Others
  4. Custom
  5. Pick-up - 7-11 Pickup (no integration)
  6. Pick-up - FamilyMart Pickup (no integration)


  1. Local courier
  2. International courier
  3. Delivery - Others
  4. Delivery - SF Plus
  5. Pick-up - S.F. Express
  6. Pick-up - HOP!
  7. Pick-up -SF Plus
  8. Custom


2. How to update an order's tracking information

Step 1. Update the Tracking Number

Select a particular order, and scroll down to the "Delivery details" section. Click Update Tracking Number.



Step 2. Update order Information

After clicking Update Tracking Number, enter the updated order tracking information into the popup window before clicking OK to save. 



Step 3

The updated order tracking information will now be visible in the "Delivery details" section.




Step 4. Send email notifications to your customers

Merchants can choose to send an email notification to a customer to inform them of a change in delivery status. This is done by first selecting the appropriate option from the "Update Order Delivery Status" dropdown menu. 



Check the "Check this box if you want to send a notification email to your customer" option in the popup window before clicking Yes




3. Bulk update order tracking Information

SHOPLINE merchants using a variety of different delivery options (such as home delivery, SF Plus, etc.) can update the delivery status and track information on batches of orders in bulk by filling in and uploading the appropriate spreadsheet template. 


Step 1. Enter bulk update tracking number page

Go to the order index page and click on Update tracking no. to enter the bulk update page.





Step 2. Download spreadsheet template

Download: bulk_upload_example_en.xlsx 


Fill in the following fields:

  1. Order No.: required
  2. Tracking Number: required
  3. Courier Name: optional
  4. Courier Tracking URL: optional
  5. Update Status to Shipped(Y/N): optional
  6. Send Notification Email to Customer(Y/N): optional



  1. Bulk updates are limited to 1000 orders per upload.
  2. The order number can contain the symbol #. This function can't update tracking numbers for integrated order delivery options like 7-11/ FamilyMart.
  3. Each order Tracking Number must be less than 30 characters.
  4. Courier Name must be less than 20 characters
  5. Courier tracking URL must be less than 225 characters.
  6. Update Status to Shipped(Y/N): There is a limit that you must input half-width alphabet Y or N (Chinese/Japanese language input specific).
  7. Send Notification Email to Customer(Y/N): There is a limit that you must input half-width alphabet Y or N (Chinese/Japanese language input specific).
  8. You can update the same order many times, if you want to correct the wrong tracking number you previously uploaded, you can update again.
  9. If one Excel file includes two orders with the same order number, then both of them will not be updated. Please confirm which one to keep and update a new file again.


Step 3. Download order report

There are two ways to input the order number:

  1. When there are only a few orders to be updated, download the sample and manually input order numbers.
  2. When there are a large number of orders to be updated, download the order report and copy the order number (no need to remove the symbol #) to the sample file and upload.






Step 4. How to find the tracking number, edit courier name and tracking URL

Logistic partners will create a tracking number for every order.

Merchants can show the tracking number to customers and let customers track their own packages.

For example, the SF Express website.




Input courier names and URLs can help customer track their own order(s) with the link to the logistic partner website.





Step 5. Edit Update status to shipped (Y/N) and Send notification email to the customer(Y/N)

 You can also update the following:

  1. Update delivery status to shipped.
  2. Send a notification e-mail to the customer when the delivery status is updated to shipped.

These fields are optional, please leave the field blank if you do not want to update anything.



Step 6. Upload Excel file

Upload the Excel file in the Admin.


Step 7. Modify failure result and re-upload

 If there are errors while importing, will direct to the Import Result page.

You can download the Excel for error results, and upload it after modifying it with the correct data/format.



Step 8. Verify update success

If Excel content has been updated successfully,  it will direct to the order index and show a success message.

You can view the changes on each order page.







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