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It is very common to receive customer's’ request for changes in the orders they have placed. Therefore, Order Edit is important to allow merchants to change and update the order details as to what customers ask for. Here is the guide on how to edit your order details.

In this article, we’ll introduce you

The fields that allow for editing
Order Editing Process (General Orders)
Order Editing Process (7-11 Orders with Integration)
Other settings


Fields allowed for editing



Order Editing Process (General Orders)

1. Admin Panel > Click "Orders" > Choose the Order you want to edit


2. Click "Edit" to start editing your orders > Click "Save" to update the changes you have made

a. Edit "Order details"


*Tips: Only Order Custom Fields can be edited

b. Edit "Customer details"

*Tip: Customer Name, Email, Phone Number, and Customer Custom Fields can be edited

c. Edit "Delivery details"

*Tip: Recipient Name and Delivery Address can be edited


Order Editing Process (7-11 Orders with Integration)

The orders with 7-11 integrations can be edited depending on their 7-11 shipment status.



Here is how to edit the Orders with 7-11 Integration:

1. Click "重選門市" to re-select the 7-11 store > Select a new store in 7-11 Map 
2. Click "Edit" > Update the Recipient Name > Click "Save" to update the settings

(1): Remember to execute the shipment in order for the new changes to take effect
(2): Only orders in "Non-executed" shipment status can be edited 


Other settings

1. Resend the email to customers
After the changes made > Click "Resend notification" > the email will be sent to customer again to get notified with the new changes


2.  Edit the permission for Order Edit
Go to "Shop Settings" > Click "Staff Settings" > Choose the "Edit" access control of "Orders" to the staff you want to give the permission to edit the orders



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