Announcement Bar Element


You can add an announcement bar to promote upcoming campaigns. Currently, the Admin supports only 1 announcement bar, where you can set up the background and text color of the bar, the content to be displayed, and the jump link.


Step 1

Click Add an element and select Announcement Bar Element. under "Campaign Element."




Step 2

In the Edit area to the right, fill in the text content for the announcement bar.



Step 3

There are three types of Jump Link options available, "Categories, Promotions, and Custom URL."

i. Categories

For merchants who check "Categories," please click ⊕ Select a product category and choose the proper categories in the pop-up window. Upon confirmation, click Confirm. For more details about how to set a Product list element, please refer to this article.



ii. Promotions

For merchants who check "Promotions," please click ⊕ Select a promotion campaign and choose your desired campaigns in the pop-up window. Upon confirmation, click Confirm. For more details about how to set a Promotions element, please refer to this article.



iii. Custom URL

For merchants who click "Custom URL," please enter the link in the field. Note that the entered link must start with either "https://" or "http://".



Step 4

You can change the font and the background color if needs be.



Step 5

Click Save to save the current settings. Upon finishing all the editing, click Update and use to publish the settings to the app.





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