[HKD Shop] Logistics Options and Application


SHOPLINE provides integrated logistics services between SF Express and Zeek. If merchants use integrated logistics, they can print the shipping label directly in the back office. After the package is delivered, the delivery status of the order will be automatically updated, so no more tracking the delivery status with the logistics end, or manually updating the status painstakingly. It greatly boosts the convenience of store shipments. 

Besides integrated logistics services, merchants can also apply for non-integrated logistics options.  For example, KERRY EXPRESS, Alfred Smart Locker, and HAVI.

In this article, you will learn


1. Overview of logistics services for HKD store


*Note: The delivery fees listed above are for reference only. Final charges are subject to the logistics provider.


2. Process to apply 

If you need to apply for the logistics services above, merchants have to apply for SHOPLINE Logistics service. Merchants can choose to activate services from SF Auto Delivery, Zeek, Alfred, and KERRY EXPRESS. SHOPLINE will settle the delivery fee and add-on service fees from using SHOPLINE Logistics with merchants every month (if applicable).

Click here to submit the application (currently available in Traditional Chinese), and check the details in the Admin Panel and your online consultant. After the application is completed, SHOPLINE will enable the corresponding delivery option and notify merchants. 


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Details of each logistics service provider:






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