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The SHOPLINE POS system has shift and daily closing features. When a member of staff clocks off from their shift, they can confirm whether the expected amount meets with the counted amount with the POS system. Every time a register shift or day-end closing entry is created, the system will be updated automatically so that the store manager can view it at any time and easily grasp the store's shift record.

In this article, you'll find:

1. Close a register shift

Step 1. 

Click on Register Shift in the left menu of the POS APP. 



Step 2. Add an entry

In the "Register Shift" section, click on the + button. The cash register drawer will now open automatically. 



Step 3: Enter cash float (for first-time set up)

After selecting a staff profile, enter the cash float. (This is a required field, and the input must be greater than 0). 

*Note: the cash float is the amount of money provided in the cashier before the shop opens. 


Step 4: Calculate total / count the amount / cash up

Enter the totals for each payment type. Each amount entered can be 0 or in negative numbers.

*Note: it is not possible to alter the totals after clicking [Next]. Please ensure the amounts entered are correct before proceeding. 



Step 5: Confirm the amount

Confirm that the amount is correct. If there is a discrepancy between the counted amount and the expected amount, the staff-in-charge is required to fill in the Note field to proceed to the next step. 

· Amount from last shift:The amount of cash in the cashier when changing shifts or cash float
· Amount paid by cash:The actual cash received or paid during the calculation (if there is a cash return, it will be shown in negative number)
· Expected amount:The total amount left in the previous shift + amount paid by cash
  1. If the expected amount meets with the counted amount 4.jpg

    The expected amount and counted amount are the same

  2. In case the counted amount does not meet the expected amount:

    The expected amount does not match with the counted amount

Step 6: Cash withdrawal and end-of-day closing

  1. After confirming the amount, the member of staff in charge should then enter the withdrawal amount. Leave the field blank if you do not want to withdraw cash.
  2. Select The last register shift of the day to mark this entry as the end-of-day closing record. 



The end-of-day entry will be marked Last Shift in green.



Resume editing

If there is a connection failure or the staff member has to exit the screen, click the "Pause" button on the top left.

A paused entry will be marked Uncompleted as indicated below.



If there is an uncompleted closing entry, staff will not be able to add a new entry and the following window will pop up.


Clock out reminder

If the staff is about to clock out, a box will pop up to remind them to perform a shift closure or day closure before getting off from work.



2. Check record in SHOPLINE Admin

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Retail Store] > [Register Shift] to check each closed entry.
Merchant can use a date range, store, staff, result and whether it is the last shift of the day to filter records. 



Details of the shift closure or end-of-day closure:

  • Register Shift Information: details like the register shift time period, store, staff in charge, etc.
  • Counted Detail: the amount of each payment method
  • Cash withdraw: counted cash amount, amount withdrew and cash remained
  • Activity Logs: the viewer can check which account created and edited the closure record


Notes that appear in the edit page of Counted Detail can be edited but cannot be deleted.







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