Zeek2Door Logistics (Integrated)

Zeek2Door offers a wide range of smart logistics options. Merchants can use point-to-point one-stop logistics solutions. Merchants who use the specific annual plan can apply for integrated Zeek logistics order management. 


This article will cover the following about integrated Zeek order management:


1. Service features 

  • Support home delivery and self-pickup services in Hong Kong
  • Parcels received before 11:00 am can be delivered to the address on the same day
  • Merchants can send order details/information to Zeek and generate the shipping number in SHOPLINE Admin.
  • Merchants can print shipping labels directly from SHOPLINE Admin, which means they don't have to go to the Zeek backend. 
  • Shipping details and status will be updated instantly. Customers will also be notified about the latest status of their order. 


2. Steps to apply

Merchants have to fill in the form for enabling SHOPLINE LOGISTICS logistics services through this link.

After successfully applying and enabling the feature, merchants can add the "Zeek 斑馬到家" integrated logistics service in the SHOPLINE Admin Panel:


Step 1: Add a new logistics option

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Settings] > [Delivery Options]. Click Add to create a new delivery option. 



Step 2. Add Zeek to Home / Zeek to Parcel Locker to delivery type

Zeek2Door integrated logistics service provides "To Home" and "To Parcel Locker" types. The two types need to be set separately.

A. Zeek 斑馬到家_自取(串接) - Delivery to parcel locker

Select Pick-up from the "Delivery Type" dropdown menu, then click Search Provider



After you click Search Provider, please select Zeek 斑馬到家_自取(串接) from the pop-up window, then click OK



B. Zeek 斑馬到家_派送上門(串接) - Delivery to door

Select Delivery from the "Delivery Type" dropdown menu, then click Search Provider



After you click Search Provider, please select Zeek 斑馬到家_派送上門(串接) from the pop-up window, then click OK



Step 3: Enter and submit order information 

Please select the service type according to your needs and fill in the waybill information. Zeek2Door currently supports two types of services:

A. Pick-Up Delivery: Zeek2Door courier picks up the parcel from your designated address > courier send the parcel to the warehouse of Zeek2Door > courier deliver the parcel to the destination

B. Send from warehouse: Merchant passes the parcel at Zeek2Door warehouse >  courier deliver the parcel to the destination

Note: If the store applies for both "Pick Up" and "Delivery" at the same time, both must choose the same service type.



After filling in the shipper information of the waybill, merchants can set the delivery fee, and then click Add in the lower right corner:



Step 4. Wait for approval

After adding the delivery option, in [Settings] > [Delivery Options], you can see the newly added options that are gray out and invisible at the storefront. 

It will take 3-5 working days to process if If the information is correct. Upon approval, merchants can officially start using the Zeek2Door integrated logistics service and display the "Zeek 斑馬到家" as a delivery option at the storefront.



3. Shipping procedures

The shipping process of Zeek2Door is simple. Please refer to the following procedures:

Step 1. Execute shipment

What is "Execute Shipment"?

The purpose of it is to send the order data to Zeek2Door to get a
waybill number.
After the execution, merchants that choose pick-up delivery have to select the pick-up date and time, print out the shipping label on
the order management page, and then arrange the shipment.


Merchants can generate shipping labels individually and in bulk. Go to [Order Management] > [Orders], and select orders using Zeek斑馬到家_派送上門(串接)or Zeek斑馬到家_自取(串接). Click the Non-executed tab to execute shipment for orders. 



A. Single order execution shipment:

Click an order number and go to Delivery details

Note: Select execute shipment in bulk if you are using special offer / 特惠 delivery. 



B. Execute shipment in bulk

Check the orders that are going to execute shipment, then click the blue Execute Shipment button. 

Note: Select this if you are using special offer / 特惠 delivery. 



In bulk shipment execution, all orders that have shipment executed will be in the status of "Processing" and be in the "Processing" tab. Orders that are processed will appear in the Awaiting Shipment tab. Merchants can also go to [Report & Analytics] > [Bulk Action Process] to view the progress.



Step 2. Select courier pick up date and time

If merchants select pick-up delivery, after clicking "Execute Shipment", please select courier pick-up date and time.

Note: The daily cut-off time of Zeek is 11:00 in the morning, and the pick-up time will be from 12:00-16:00 in the afternoon of the same day.



If the batch order execution fails to process, please operate it again.


If merchants select send from warehouse, after clicking "Execute Shipment", the delivery status will change to "Awaiting Shipment". The order will also appear in the "Awaiting Shipment" tab.


Step 3. Stick shipping labels

When the order appears in the "Awaiting Shipment" tab, merchants can then print the shipping label and arrange to ship the shipment.

A. Single order

After entering the order page, in the "Product Details" section in the upper right corner, click Print Labels.



B. Batch orders(Use Zeek 斑馬到家_派送上門」(串接) or Zeek 斑馬到家_自取(串接) to filter orders)

Go to the Awaiting Shipment tab and select the orders, then click the blue Print Labels button to print out labels.



Note: Merchants who choose "special offer"/特惠 delivery, the shipping label should be as shown below (the word 特惠 must appear in the box highlighted below)



Step 4. Arrange shipment

After affixing the shipping label to the shipment, merchants can arrange the shipment according to the selected service type:

A. Pick-Up Delivery: courier will pick up the parcel at the selected date and time

B. Delivery from warehouse: please arrange to send the parcel to the Zeek2Door warehouse


Re-execute shipment

If merchants have made a pick-up appointment, but wish to cancel it first, you can press Cancel Shipment before the order cut-off time (11 am).

If the courier fails to pick up the parcel, the customer service of Zeek2Door will arrange to cancel the order. As the courier has already visited, Zeek2Door will charge a temporary cancellation fee of 10 HKD.



After canceling the shipment, you can re-execute the shipment, and the steps are the same as above.

Note: Merchants must print and affix the shipping label generated after the re-execution of the shipment, otherwise it may lead to pick-up failure.



Step 5. Monthly shipping rate

SHOPLINE will charge the shipping cost in the form of monthly settlement according to the store’s actual monthly consumption. The final shipping cost is subject to Zeek2Door.

Please refer to the table below for the price details:


  • The pick-up delivery service is based on each pick-up period. If each pick-up spot receives less than or equal to 5 orders, an additional 20 HKD fee will be charged. During the pick-up period, when the courier fails to receive the shipping order, a temporary cancellation fee of 10 HKD per order will be charged.

Click here to know more about the latest Terms and Conditions of Zeek2Door.


4. Remarks 

  • Zeek2Door service 
    • Zeek2Door currently only provides door-to-door delivery services in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories.
    • Zeek2Door currently does not deliver to Outlying Islands (Only delivery services only available at Ma Wan, Discovery Bay & Tung Chung), Hong Kong International Airport, and any restricted areas and areas where trucks are prohibited.
    • Zeek2Door integrated logistics service only support one parcel per order. 
    • Pick-Up Delivery: Merchants must successfully execute the shipment at 11:00 am if you wish Zeek2Door to deliver the order from 12:00-16:00 on the same day.
    • Returned parcels will only be returned to the Zeek2Door warehouse, and will not be returned to the merchant's pick-up location. Merchants must contact Zeek2Door to request a return package.
    • Zeek2Door will contact merchants directly to discuss problematic order solutions. 

  • Execute shipment
    • If the consumer fills in the non-Hong Kong phone number when placing the order, it will result in the failure of shipment.
    • The integrated logistics service of Zeek2Door does not support editing the delivery type of the order. If, for example, a customer selects Zeek Pick-Up (delivery to parcel locker), merchants cannot edit the delivery type to Zeek Delivery to home. 
    • If you want to add another "Zeek2Door" delivery option, merchants must notify SHOPLINE for assistance. Otherwise, all orders using that delivery option will fail in shipment execution. 


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