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With SHOPLINE's new "Lucky Draw" feature, merchants can create a lucky draw event to interact with customers in real-time, as well as provide information related to products or a store. This can help promote your store and boost sales.

*Please note: The following features are only available for Facebook Live-linked live streams. 

The article will explain how to create and manage lucky draw events.


1. How to create a lucky draw event 

Step 1. 

In SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Social Commerce] > [SHOPLINE Live]. Click on the Create live steam button on the top right, select Live Stream from Facebook, then click Next.

To know more about Facebook Live, please refer to SHOPLINE Live|Live Stream Shopping with Facebook Live.



Step 2. 

Once you have entered SHOPLINE Live, click on the Event button on the left-hand side. 



On the event page, click the ⊕ Add button. 



Step 3. 

In the "Step 1:Select event type" window, click on Lucky Draw.  



Step 4. 

Fill in the following fields: "Event Title"; "Event Key Word"; "Event Quota"; and "Event Time."

*Please note: 

  1. You must fill in fields that have an asterisk (*) next to them.
  2. The event keyword cannot be the same as any of the keywords used for ordering products. For example, if one of the products being sold during a live stream has the keyword "BLACKFRIDAY," then the lucky draw keyword cannot also be BLACKFRIDAY. This rule only applies to products that have been added to a live stream.
  3. Keywords cannot contain any spaces, symbols, or special characters. 
    Example: Christmas, merrychristmas, luckyme
  4. Viewers must leave a comment containing the exact wording to draw and win. 
  5. The event quota (i.e. the number of lucky draw winners) must be greater than 0.
  6. If you do not set an event time then you will need to start the lucky draw manually. 



Advanced Setting (optional)

  • Tagged friends
    • Customers have to tag friends and comment event keywords in the same comment to be eligible to win.
    • Merchants can set the number limit (Maximum: 5) of friends tagged.
  • Liked LIVE Post
    • Customers have to react LIKE to the current live stream to be eligible to win.
    • Other reactions (e.g. WOW, Care, Love) are NOT eligible. 
    • In case a customer taps later to unlike, the system will still count it as eligible. 
  • Users Who Have Purchased Before
    • Customers who already have created order(s) through the previous live stream are eligible to win.
    • Customers who have received the shopping cart link or created manual orders by the merchant through the live stream backstage are also eligible to win.
  • Product Keyword Commented: Customers have to leave comments with at least one product keyword of the current live stream to be eligible to win.
  • Not a Winner: Customers who have commented event keyword in the current live stream but have yet to win are eligible. (For example, a merchant creates multiple lucky draws in a live stream. If customer A wins in lucky draw A, customer A will not be eligible for the next lucky draws.)



Add lucky draw prize content (optional field)

  • Click select product to select the store's existing product as the lucky draw prize.
    e.g.: Use the super-limited discounted products as prizes.
  • Click select gift to select the store's existing gift as the lucky draw prize.


  • Products and gifts that are out of stock or unpublished cannot be added as prizes.
  • Hidden products can be added as prizes.
  • If merchants choose a product as a prize, the prize will be able to apply store promotions at the same time.



In addition to selecting existing gifts as lucky draw prizes, you can also click Custom Free Gifts to add the name, quantity, and image of the gift.



If the quantity of the prize inventory is less than the entered event quota, a prompt message will appear in the upper right corner of the page, yet it is still possible to create a lucky draw.



Step 5. 

Customize 4 event messages below according to your needs. Each message must be less than 400 characters. You can either enter your own custom messages or leave the fields blank to use the default messages. Once you are happy with your event messages, click Create

  1. Event start message 
  2. Event end message 
  3. Draw message 
  4. Winning message 



*Click on the arrow next to [Available Parameters] to expand the list of parameters that can be copied and pasted into the event message fields. 
Example: You can copy and paste parameters such as "Event Title"; "Event Time"; "Product name" etc. and then use them to write your own custom messages that will be displayed during an event. 



After adding a new event, it will be added to the list of already created events for your live stream. Click on the + button next to an event on the list to see a preview of the event messages. 



Merchants can click on the More Actions button next to an event to edit or delete an event.  

*Please note: It is not possible to recover an event once it has been deleted. Only once you are sure you want to delete an event should you click Delete Event



2. Entering a lucky draw event

After successfully creating an event, you can begin preparing to accept customer entries. Click on Connect to Facebook Live to begin your live stream. Once you have started your live stream, click on the GO button next to an event to start the lucky draw. 



A green confirmation message will appear on the top right-hand side of the window once an event has begun. The indicator above an event will now also read "Ongoing". 


*Please note:

  1. It is not possible to change or edit a lucky draw event once it has started. 
  2. If you end a live stream before drawing a winner or before the scheduled end time, then any ongoing lucky draw events will end automatically.  

Merchants can click on the Announce Event button in the "More Actions" menu to post a comment under a live stream that lets viewers know that the lucky draw event has started. 



The number of viewers that have successfully entered a lucky draw event will be recorded in the "Event Info" section. 


Comments left during the lucky draw event will appear on the right-hand side in SHOPLINE Live.



3. Ending an event and drawing a winner 

A winner can either be drawn manually at a time of your choosing or automatically when an event ends. 

A. Manually draw a winner 

Merchants can click on the Draw Now button next to an event to immediately draw a winner. 


A window will appear with the option of two methods for drawing a winner to choose from: 

  1. Open another page to show the lottery process 
  2. Announce the winners directly in the live broadcast room 



Open another page to show the lottery process 

This option provides a step-by-step overview of how the winner of the draw is chosen, including a list of all entrants along with their Facebook profile photos. 
*Please note: It is not possible to make to share the pages of the draw process with viewers of the live stream directly. Merchants can, however, take screenshots of each step of the process to show to event participants and other viewers. 



Once you click on Draw Now! and draw a winner, a page will appear announcing the winner of the lucky draw event, and the winner will receive a notification message via Facebook Messenger. A comment announcing the result of the lucky draw will also appear automatically on your live stream. 



Announce the winners directly in the live broadcast room

This method bypasses the step-by-step overview of the drawing process and simply draws and announces the winner in a comment on your live stream. 



Regardless of what method is used, the winner of the lucky draw will receive a message via Facebook Messenger telling them that they have won the event. The winner will also be tagged in a comment announcing their win on the live stream. 




If there is a prize in the lucky draw, a shopping cart link will be included when sending a message to the winner.


  • Currently, the lock inventory feature can be enabled when a product is selected for the lucky draw prize. 
  • Even there are only prizes in the shopping cart, the customer can still checkout successfully.
  • The customer will be not able to checkout if the prize inventory is insufficient.



B. Automatically draw a winner 

If merchants have set a time for lucky draw, it will automatically end the event and generate a list of winners after the time ends. The system will also post the results of the lottery in a Facebook live message and send a message to the winners. The situation follows the manual draw method in the live broadcast room.

*Note: If merchants use cross-broadcasting (multiple posts posted to other fan pages), there may be duplicate winners.

Tips: The system judges the winners based on the PSID (Facebook fan page user number). 
If viewers use the same Facebook account and leave messages on
different fan pages, they will all be regarded as different PSIDs.


C. Draw an additional winner 

You can draw an additional winner of a lucky draw event by clicking on the Draw One More button next to an event. The additional winner will receive a notification message via Facebook Messenger, and will also be tagged in a comment announcing their win on the live stream. 



If you are using "Open another page to show the lottery process," you click on the Draw One More button to draw an additional winner. 



D. Comment filtering 

Merchants can use the "Activity Comment(s)" filter from the "All Comments" dropdown menu to view comments left by event participants. 


  • Event Comment(s): Comments that contain the event keyword
  • Winner Comment(s): Comments left by lucky draw event winners



4. Add event prize manually

There are three ways:

1. In the comment section of ​​the live broadcast dashboard, click the shopping cart icon or select gift at the bottom left of the product list, and manually add the prizes in the live broadcast to the customer's shopping cart.


2. On the [Social Commece] > [Message Center] page, click Manual Order then and click Select Product, or click Select Gift at the bottom left of the product list. Merchants can then manually add the lucky draw prize to the customer's shopping cart.


3. On the [Social Commerce] > [Manual Order] page, under 2. Add Product, click Select Product, or click Select Gift at the bottom left of the product list. Merchants can then manually add the lucky draw prize to the customer's shopping cart.







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