With SHOPLINE's new Lucky Draw feature, merchants can create a lucky draw event to interact with customers in real-time and provide shop and product-related information, helping to promote the shop and attract more customers.

The following features are available for users who link to Facebook Live, messages will be sent to customers via Facebook Messenger.


The article will explain how to create a lucky draw event and to manage them

1. Create a lucky draw event 

Step1: Add a new event 

Go to SHOPLINE Live > Select a live stream channel > Click Lucky Draw 



Click Add and choose the event type 




Step2: Fill in the event name and the information 




  1. Fields with*are required 
  2. The event keyword cannot be the same as the keyword for ordering. For example, if any of the product’s keyword for ordering is BLACKFRIDAY, then the keyword for this drawing event cannot also be BLACKFRIDAY. This rule only applies to products that have been added to the live stream channel.
  3. Keyword settings can only be pure text, can include spaces, no text and symbols together, no text and numbers together, no Chinese and English together. For example, ✅ 聖誕節、Christmas、Happy New Year,❎ Happy birthday!!!、Merry Christmas聖誕快樂
  4. To be able to win the drawing, viewers must leave a comment with the exact same keyword
  5. There must be at least one winner in the drawing.
  6. If you didn’t set the event time, the system would not automatically generate the result, so please remember to draw the results manually.


The event will appear in the section below, you can add multiple events at the same time. Add/ edit/ delete events are possible anytime before and during the live stream.



Click More actions to find the edit and delete button, click the event name will expand the Info




*Note: You will not be able to recover the deleted event once it’s been deleted


2. Live comments and participation 

After finishing setting up the lucky draw event, it’s time for customers to join the event. First, connect to your Facebook fan page and start streaming, you can click GO to start the drawing event. The status of the event will switch from Lucky draw to Ongoing.




  1. You cannot edit the event information once it’s started 
  2. If you end the live stream before the event closes, the unfinished event will end too

Viewers can leave comments and join the event, merchants can also broadcast the event info to let them know the event has begun.



The number of participants will be displayed in the left section, and the live comments will be on the right.




3. Draw the prize 

Generate the results manually

Simply by clicking Draw now, you will be able to see the results immediately and to announce who the winners are. The system will also send messages to the winners via Facebook Messenger.






Generate the results automatically 

If you have set the timer for the event, the system will generate the results when the time is off. You will be able to see the results immediately and to announce who the winners are. The system will also send messages to the winners via Facebook 

Note: The system will not double count the winner prize if the merchants use cross-post on different pages. Each participant will only have one chance to win and the same odds to win. 


Draw again

After the event finishes, you can click draw again to pick one more participant for the prize. You will be able to see the result immediately and to announce who the winner is. The system will also send messages to the winners via Facebook 



Merchants can list messages with different status through the comment filter

Event comment: Messages with keywords 

Winner comment: Messages with keywords of the winners 



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