Catch Product From AliExpress

Manually importing products from AliExpress is a very time-consuming process for every dropshippers. By using Catcher you can now easily get products from AliExpress. 


Go to SHOPLINE Admin Panel,  "Reports and Analytics" >  "Smart Product Selector" > "DropShipping" > "Manage Products"



Catch product through AliExpress "Product ID" or "Product URL"


Step 1. Click "Add Products"



Step 2. Add product by "ID" or "URL"

Enter AliExpress product ID into "Add by ID" of the pop-up window, or enter the AliExpress product URL in the "Add by URL" 




Step 3. Click "Add" to catch products from AliExpress 




A. How to get AliExpress product ID on AliExpress?

Open the AliExpress product page, and find the product ID code after "" URL bar.



B. How to get AliExpress product URL on AliExpress?

Open the AliExpress product page, copy the whole URL of the page. Product link should start with "".





Catch product through  "SL Catcher" plugin


Step 1. Install "SL Catcher" plugin

Install "SL Catcher" plugin on your Chrome Browser and turn on.

How to get your "SL Catcher" through Chrome plugin?


Step 2. Click "Catch" to import product

Now you can either catch your product on "AliExpress Product Catalogue" or "AliExpress Product Page" by clicking on the "Catch" button.


AliExpress Product Catalogue


AliExpress Product Page


Product Catalogue Shipping Info Auto-Filter

You can also use our "SL Catcher" plugin to filter the right shipping method you are looking for on "AliExpress Product Catalogue", this will help you find those suppliers that meet your criteria in a more efficient way.


Step 1. View Shipping information

Click the "SL Catcher" icon on the upper right corner of your chrome browser, and turn on "Show Shipping Information".



Step 2. Filter 

Choose "Shipping Method", "Shipping Country" and "Currency" that you expect from the dropdown list and click "Save Settings".



Step 3. View filtered products

Now you can view which products and suppliers that meet your criteria easily on "AliExpress Product Catalogue" page.Screen_Shot_2020-09-09_at_11.57.51_AM.png



You can also hide those unmatched products by turning on "Hide Unmatched Products" so that they will not be displayed.




A. AliExpress does not support Cash on Delivery for the time being, so when the customer fails to pay, carefully consider whether to continue to place the purchase order on AliExpress.

B. Suppliers on AliExpress usually do not accept returns and exchanges. When a customer wants to return or exchange the goods, dropshippers need to find the supplier privately. 

C. SL Catcher and AliExpress only support in English, you need to ensure your storefront language is in English. 




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