[Upcoming Feature] Manage Post Comments under Facebook Pages


Do you often miss out on comments of your Facebook post? You will need the [Post Comments Management] feature!

It allows merchants to check on the incoming comments of a Facebook post and also reply to comments or messages via Facebook Messenger on our Message Center without switching from tab to tab.

In this article, we are going to introduce:

*Please note that the interface might be different based on the subscription plan.

I. Activate Steps: Link Facebook Page to SHOPLINE Account 

You will need to connect your Facebook fan page with our system in order to receive notification and also reply to comments/ messages in SHOPLINE admin panel.

To your admin panel > "Channel integration > "Facebook" > Click the "Connect" button complete the authorisation. mceclip0.png

For full tutorials on how to connect Facebook fan page, kindly refer to [1. Connect to Facebook fan page] in this article: Facebook Messenger/ LINE In-chat Shopping

*For merchants who had already connected Facebook fan page in "Channel integration > "Facebook", kindly reconnect to the Facebook page again to trigger Facebook authorize the new feature.


II. Post Comment Interface Guidelines

1. Once you connected the Facebook Fan page, you may go back to your SHOPLINE admin panel > "Message Center" > Click on the 3rd menu on the left side of the menu bar ( ___2020-09-02___4.47.03.png ) to check on Facebook posts and comments.

2. The interface of the post comment:

  • Left section - Post lists:All the posted posts will be shown here except deleted post.

  • Middle section - Comments of a post:Comments will be shown in this section after you click a post from the left section (Except deleted comments). You may:
      - "Like" or reply to comments (Or send a reply to Facebook Messenger)
      - Delete or hide a comment
      - Assign the post to staffs to reply and follow up

  • Right section- Post detail:Contents of the post will be shown after you click a post from the left section.  



III. How to manage comments

You might want to know how to manage comments in an efficient way, here are some tips:

1. You may assign a staff to reply and follow up a certain post in the "middle section"

* Note: An "unassigned" post will be assigned automatically to a staff who reply to comments in the post.

2. You may filter out the posts that assigned to staff in the "left section" of the interface. This will help with checking the posts you or your stuff following.mceclip6.png

3. You may send a comment by using [Save reply], [Emoji], and also [Image] as shown:


4. You may [Hide] or [Delete] a comment in in the "middle section".mceclip8.png

Note: For easy recognization, a hidden comment would be hidden in grey as shown:






Here are some scenarios to better explain [how to manage comments]:

Scenario A. Reply to comment directly under the post

To reply to comment under the post, you may click the [Reply] button under the comment and type your reply. You may send a comment by using [Save reply], [Emoji], and also [Image].


Scenario B. Reply to a comment by sending a message to Facebook Messenger

You may respond to the customer who sent a comment under the post by using Facebook Messenger.

You may click the [Message] button under the comment > Check on the 'right section' > Click [PM] button to send your reply via Facebook Messenger.



Scenario C. Reply to a comment by sending a message to Facebook Messenger and also under the post

You might want to also inform your customer that the reply has been responded through Facebook Messenger at the same time you send the message.

In this case, you may refer to Scenario 2, draft your reply > Tick [Auto reply comment] > Write down the comment which you would like to show under the post.


Once you click [Send & Comment], the system will send the reply to the customer's messenger and also reply to the comment under the post as shown:


5. By clicking the 2nd menu on the left side of the menu bar (   mceclip15.png ), you will be leading to your fan page's Facebook messenger. You may check all the messages in Facebook messenger and also respond to the conversations


IV. Notice 

  • Membership Tiers: System will remark customers as [Basic Member] who only sign up on your website (Did not assign to any tier of membership)

    For members whom are involved in a membership tier will be remark as level 1- level 5 based on the level set in your admin panel > Customer management > Membership Tier as System do not support on showing the [Membership Tier Name] you set in admin panel at the moment.


  • According to the new policy released by Facebook, starting from the 4th of March 2020, if users do not reach out or interact with you through any Facebook channel (Such as Facebook messenger) within 24 hours, the message will no be able to send to users until the user interacts (Such as reply message in messenger) again.

    Therefore, if you have noticed that you are unable to send or reply any messages to customers via Messenger, it is because said user has not interacted with you in the past 24 hours.

    If you wish the message can be sent through, you may go back to Facebook Messenger and send a private message to that customer, and wait for the customers to reply before you proceed to use this feature.



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