[Coming Soon] Message Center (NEW)


We've released a new version of message center that not only allows you to reply both shop messages and order messages, but also check out customers' basic information. This ensures merchants to manage customers' questions and requests in a more efficient way and increase customer satisfaction.

*Note: The feature and UI would be different depending on the plan you use

  • Introduction of Message Center
  • Set up and Manage Customer Profiles
  • Set up Saved Replies
  • Notes



Introduction of Message Center

To manage both messages and customers' information efficiently, we've added detailed categories and customer information column. We will introduce the feature of message center thoroughly below, if you would like to know more about Facebook Messenger/ LINE In-chat Shopping, please click on the link.

When entered message center, the first icon is "General Message Center" which generates the messages that customers sent from the storefront or the orders that they've placed. You could switch the tabs to reply both types of messages.





1. The List of Messages

On the left you could see the list of messages from the newest to the oldest. You could easily click into a particular message to reply.



2. Filter a message

You could filter the messages based on three status: All, Unread and Follow-up:




3. Search for a message

There's also a search bar for merchants to enter the customer's email to look for a particular message:




4. Star and Archive a message

Detailed content of the message would be shown in the middle column, you could click the star icon on the top-left of the message to star the important ones or archive one by clicking the box icon.

If you star a message, it would be in the "Follow-up" filter. If you archive one, the box icon would be black and goes into the archived inbox.



By clicking the black box icon, you could unarchive the message:



You could see all archived messages by clicking the box icon on the top-right of the message list:




5. Emojis and Upload Photos

At the bottom of each message, you could see a message editor. Aside from text messages, you could also set up emojis, upload photos and saved replies to speed up the response time as well as let them feel your warm, inviting personality. 



Set up and Manage Customer Profiles

At the right side of the message center, you could see the customer's profile that sent the message, including personal information, tags, remarks, delivery address and order history.

*Notice: Staffs with "Send Message" access could edit the information in this column and it would link back to their membership accounts.




Set up Saved Replies

You could set up saved replies based on frequently asked questions to reply to your customers more efficiently:


To add a saved reply, click "Add" and insert the title and content: 


After editing, remember to click "Save". If this message is suitable for all staffs to use, check the "General use" box.



1. The list of messages includes general and archived messages. You could click on the box icon to separate archived ones from others.

2. There are three filters: "All", "Unread", "Follow-up" for you to check out messages in different status.

3. If you or your customer replies to one of the archived message, it would appear on the list for staffs to check out and reply.

4. The customer's information would be synchronized with the ones in the membership center, please be aware while editing it.

5. As long as shop staffs have the "send message" permission, they can edit the relevant information in the member field in the message center.

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