Dynamic Shipping Rate

SHOPLINE now offers new regional shipping rate settings for Malaysian merchants. Merchants can set their shipping rates according to the weight of the products they deliver to different regions to control shipping costs more effectively, and customers can also understand the weight of the products and the logic of calculating shipping rates to choose the shipping method that meets their needs.

This feature is currently available to merchants whose country/region is Malaysia.


This article will guide you through:


A. Set up delivery type and regional delivery fee

Step 1: Add delivery options

Go to Admin > Settings > Delivery Options > Click "Add" Delivery Method


Step 2: Select "Custom" for Logistics Category

Currently, this feature only supports customized logistics, and customers must provide a shipping address on the checkout page.



Step 3: Edit delivery name and description

Fill in the name and description of the delivery method, it is recommended to specify the area and shipping cost for the delivery method, and check the box "Display these instructions on the checkout page" to make the information clearer to the customer.



Step 4: Select "Set freight by region" for Delivery Fee Type

Click "Add Regional shipping", enter the shipping name, first kg shipping fee, additional kg shipping fee, and select the supported delivery region.


Click "Add Region" to add more regions to the shipping settings. Note that a delivery region can only be selected once, and cannot be selected repeatedly.


Note: Please make sure to enter the weight of the products in the product info settings, otherwise the system will automatically take 1 kg for the weight and in accordance with the previously set regional shipping to do the calculation.


B. Storefront checkout page and delivery fee calculation

After the customer enters the checkout page, he/she will need to select Malaysia as the delivery destination and select a delivery method. The delivery method description will be shown to the customers and the shipping rate will be displayed after confirming the address


C. Notes and FAQ on Regional delivery charges 

  1. If the merchant wants to change the delivery fee type to a fixed delivery fee, please add a new delivery option.
  2. If you want to change the weight of multiple items, please go to Product > Bulk Import/Update and change the weight of each item.
  3. Currently, the weight of an item is NOT displayed on the product page. If the merchant wants to allow customers to check the weight of an item, it is recommended that the merchant include this information in the description of the item. 
  4. When customers checkout, the weight of an item will NOT be displayed on the checkout page.
  5. If you add a new delivery option, you may need to update the "Delivery Options" in the promotion info settings if you wish your promotion applies to the new delivery option.
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