Edit Customer Information in Admin

SHOPLINE's "Edit customer information in admin" feature let you edit customer information directly in admin to assist customers, such as updating the Delivery Addresses.

(About how to change member tier, please read The setting of Membership Tier)


In the article, we will introduce the following topics:


1. How to edit customer information

Go to the store Admin > [Customer Management] > [Customer] and click the View button.


Click "Customer Details" > "Edit" button to edit customer

(For information on the editable field, please see the Contents below.)


After finishing editing, please click the "Save" button to update the setting.


[The editable field of Customer Details]

Name, Email, Mobile Number(If the "Mobile number sign up and login" feature is opened), Language, Accepts Marketing, Gender, Birthday, Phone Number, and Delivery Addresses.



You can't enter a taken Email. Moreover, the email will be updated after save without sending email verification even if the "Send Verification Email When Register" feature is opened. And the verification status of the Email will be "Not verified yet".

Mobile Number(The field only reveals when the "Mobile number sign up and login" feature is opened)

Both country code and mobile number are required and a taken Mobile Number is not allowed.

Additionally, the Mobile Number will be updated after saving without sending SMS verification and the verification status of the Mobile Number will be "Not verified yet".

Notice: If the "Mobile number sign up and login" feature is opened, you can choose either Email or Mobile Number to fill out.


The language of the email will be based on the setting here.

Accepts Marketing

You can only cancel marketing for customers. To accept marketing, customers can do it in the Member Center by themselves.

Delivery Addresses

You can create five sets of Delivery Addresses at most.

Recipient Name, Recipient Phone Number, Shipping Destination, City, and Address are required.


2 Admin Members Settings

How to edit Staff Permissions

Go to the store Admin > [Setting] > [Permission & Security], click Edit to edit or check the staff permission


The permission of Customer Management


  • View
  • Add/Edit (If the staff doesn't have permission, he can't edit customer information.)
  • Delete
  • Import Customer
  • Edit Tag/Note (If the "Customer tag & note" App is installed.)


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