Return Order by Customer (notes)

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1. Manage Product Inventory, Total Spend and Membership Tier for returns

If it's a partial return, please refer to the steps below:

A. Split the Order

Split the item(s) pending for return to a child order, keep the unreturned item(s) in the parent order. (Reference: Order Split)

B. Edit the Order

Edit both parent and child order details to make sure the order amount is correct. (Reference: Order Edit)

C. Change the Order Status

Change the status of the child order to "Cancelled". The system will automatically return the inventory and promotion usage if promotions were applied. The total value of the order will also be deducted from store members' total spend. 

*Please note:

  • If the customer wants to return the whole order, follow Step C to change the Order Status of the entire order to "Cancelled".
  • If you split the items into a child order, it is recommended that merchants fill in the exact return order number in the "Notes" column for future reference, as the return order report will show the original (parent order) order number.
  • After changing the Order Status and completing the credit deduction, if the original order amount has already qualified a store member for a higher membership tier, merchants will have to manually downgrade the customer's current membership tier.  


2. Manage Member Points for returns

For merchants that have set up points-earning rules, points earned on the original order will not be deducted automatically when the order is returned and must be deducted manually. 

To manually deduct points earned on an order that is then returned, go to [Customer Management] > [Customer] > [View] > [Member Points]. For more detailed instructions, please see: Member Points 

If the order status of an order is not "Cancelled" and the delivery status is "Shipped" or "Collected" at the time points are scheduled to be assigned, then points will be assigned as normal. 




3. Manage Order Reward Credits for returns 

If you have set up Order Reward Credits, please remember to manually deduct the credits after the customer requests a return. To manually deduct credits, go to [Customer Management] > [Customers] > [View] > [Assign Credits] and enter the negative amount for the deduction.

Customers will receive Order Reward Credits when an order meets the following conditions: 

  • The customer was logged in as a store member when the order was placed 
  • The order amount meets the criteria for receiving order reward credits 
  • The payment status of the order has been updated to "Paid"

For more details, please see: Order Reward Credits 



4. How to check the source of returns

To see whether a return has been made by a merchant in SHOPLINE Admin, or by a customer using the Return Order by Customer feature, go to [Order Management] > [Return Orders] and click on [Export Return Order Report]. Filter the reason column that shows "Return by merchant" to see the return orders that have been created by merchants or employees in SHOPLINE Admin. You can also see other reasons why customers have requested returns.





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