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Omni-channel data analysis provides a more complete data analysis report for stores that use SHOPLINE online store and POS plans (O2O) at the same time. You can view omni-channel integrated data and multi-dimensional graphical reports in Shoplytics.

If you want to, you can also view the individual operating status of online stores and physical stores by switching tabs. Assist the store to quickly understand the source channels of orders and customers and the operating performance of each channel, and further adjust the operating strategy! 


1. Which analysis page support omni-channel data

Home, Products, Shopper Analysis, and Order Overview These 4 analysis pages support omni-channel data.

i. Home

You can check key operating metrics as an overview or individual channel from "Home" page to understand your shop's performance more via selecting a specific analysis range and applying the comparison feature. More detail about metrics please refer to Home|Shoplytics


ii. Products, Shopper Analysis, and Order Overview  

You can find the switching tab at the top of these three analysis charts, and enter the channel you want to view.




2. Example of omni-channel data analysis diagram

i. Amount and Quantity

Omni-Channel Will directly list the amount, quantity, and proportion of the data of the "Online Store" and "Retail Store" that you can see in "Home", "Products", and "Orders" > "Order Overview".

Take the "Home" as an example: there have combined amount and split data of "online store" and "physical store" underneath. Click on the indicator block to expand the data during the selected period. You can select "Omni-Channels", "Online Stores", and "Retail Stores" to display the line graphs of those channels according to your needs.EN-Step2.png


ii. Ratio Graph

You can see the percentage of channel data in the "Omni-Channels" tab of "Products", "Orders" >> "Order Overview" and "Customers" >> "Consumer Customer Analysis".

Take the "Order Overview" page as an example: the total order volume is the data of all channels, and the proportion of individual orders in the "online store" and "physical store" is also listed below. You can also adjust the channel data displayed in the line chart by clicking "Omni-Channels", "Online Stores", and "Retail Stores".EN-Step3.png


iii. Sunburst Diagram

A Sunburst Diagram is used here to visualize hierarchical data that are sliced for each shopper category and source channel. Help you to understand your shoppers more. For more details about metrics, please refer to Customers: Shopper Analysis|Shoplyticsmceclip0.png






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