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SHOPLINE POS offers two options for processing customer returns:

For example, say a customer has purchased items X, Y, Z and wants to return item Z. If you cancel the original order, you will need to re-process the purchase of items X & Y.  You will not need to do this if you process the return by creating a new return order for item Z. 


Cancelling an existing order 

To process a return by canceling an existing order please refer to the steps below:


1. Select the order that the return is being made on

From the menu on the left, select [Orders]. From this page, you will be able to see and search through all of a store's orders.


Press the search icon at the top of the window. To make it easier for merchants to find the order that is to be returned, you can choose to search by [Transaction Number], [Transaction Date Range] or [Customer Phone].



2. Confirm the order you want to return

After you have found the order that the return is being made on, press on the additional actions button at the top right of the window. Select [Return] from the menu. 



After confirming, the [Return by] window will appear. Select the employee processing the return. 


In the [Confirm Order Cancellation] window, you can choose to enter a reason for the return or leave this field blank. If you leave the [Return Reason] field blank, the system will automatically register the reason as [Cancelled].


Viewing returns/exchanges in Daily Revenue

After confirming the return, the system will change the status of the order in Daily Revenue [Refunded / Cancelled]. 

  • Returning an original order: These returns will appear as [Paid / Cancelled] but will not be deducted from the Daily Revenue total. 
  • Processing a return by creating a new order: Because an order for a negative amount has been created, this will be deducted from the Daily Revenue of the day that the return is executed. The returned item will appear as [Refunded / Cancelled].  


After you have processed a return, the system will not allow you to make changes to the return  record. You will also be able to view the reason for the return if one has been entered in the [Note] field.


Checking return records 

1. [SHOPLINE Admin] > [Order Management] > [Orders] > [POS]


- [SHOPLINE Admin] > [Products & Categories] > [Products] > [Edit]



Process a return by creating a new order

1. Select the product is being returned 

Add the product to the cart. Hold down and swipe left on the product entry in the cart. Select [Return].mceclip8.png

After selecting [Return], the price for the product being returned will now be negative. For example, if the price of a product is [$1000] the cart will show [-$1000]. 


To change the status of a product in the cart that is currently set to [Return], hold down and swipe left on the product, then press [Buy]. 


  • Adding customer information to a return order will allow them to search for details of the return in SHOPLINE Member Center.
  • Returns can be made on individual products in an order subtotal and the order subtotal as a whole. 
  • It is possible to apply Store Credits (the order subtotal must be more than 0)


2. Creating a return order 

After you have created a return order, the inventory amount for the product being returned will be increased accordingly.


-Choose and place into the cart any part-exchange products. 


Depending on the amount, a merchant can choose to either provide a refund or pay off the difference. 


3. Checking Daily Revenue records 

When creating a new return order, the returned amount will be deducted from the Daily Revenue total 


Checking order records & product logs  

1. Return with no exchange  

i. [SHOPLINE Admin] > [Order Management] > [Orders] > [POS]


ii. [SHOPLINE Admin] > [Products & Categories] > [Products] > [Edit] 


2. Return with part exchange 

i. [SHOPLINE Admin] > [Order Management] > [Orders] > [POS]


ii. [SHOPLINE Admin] > [Products & Categories] > [Products] > [Edit] 

-Product log for the item being purchased as part exchange 


-Product log for the item being returned 




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