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Besides integrating Facebook assets and products, you can also use "Messenger Chat" features with the new Facebook Business Extension (FBE).

Once you have enabled Messenger Chat, customers can contact you through the Facebook Messenger icon at the bottom right of your shop. One-on-one instant communication can improve the interaction between you and customers and increase brand loyalty.


  • Before you start, please follow the Facebook Business Extension to complete the installation.
  • Facebook plugins will cater differently to different Pages and account statuses. To add a new Facebook/ Instagram Shop feature, you can refer to this FAQ: Facebook Page Shop | Facebook Business Extension.
  • When setting up the Messenger Chat, it is recommended to use the same Facebook account used for login and setting up extensions.

In this article, you'll find:


1. Install Customer negotiation plug-in

Step 1

To use the Customer negotiation plug-in, please make sure that you have installed the "Facebook Business Extension" and that the connected Business Management Platform Account and assets are displayed correctly in the "Basic Settings" and "Ads Marketing" tabs.

In the SHOPLINE Admin, go to [Channel Integration] > [Facebook] and select the Online Store Application tab. Then, switch on the button at the right of the "Customer negotiation plug-in."



Once switched on, the Messenger logo will appear on the bottom right of your storefront.

Customers can choose to leave messages in guest mode or with their Facebook account. If customers use a browser that has been logged in to Facebook, the system will automatically detect and use their Facebook account to leave messages.



2. Manage Messenger Chat settings 

⚠️ Note: Please follow the steps below if you need to customize the content/style of the plug-in.

Step 1

Click the Manage settings button at the right of the "Customer negotiation plug-in" to open the Facebook Chat Plugin page.



Step 2. Enter website domain

Scenario 1

If you have entered the website domain in Facebook's Manage Page > [About] > [Contact and basic info], the system will automatically import the website domain from your page.



Scenario 2

If you have not added a website domain, you can click Set up to add the domain you would like to display the chat plugin on.


i. Click Standard.


ii. Set the language.


iii. Enter the domain:

  • If your store uses a unique URL, for example, www.test123.com or shop.test123.com.tw
    Please fill in: https://www.test123.com or https://shop.test123.com.tw

  • If your store uses a free URL, for example, https://test456.shoplineapp.com
    Please fill in: https://test456.shoplineapp.com


iv. Click Copy code.


v. Click Finish to complete setup. Screenshot_2023-02-03_at_1.07.59_AM.png


Step 3

Click "Automations" to customize the greeting and welcome messages. Click "Customize your Chat Plugin" to set up the button display, size, and position.



Step 4

After the setup is complete, click Publish.



3. Enable/disable Messenger "Guest mode"

Starting in August 2020, people can start chatting via the Messenger Chat Plugin in the Guest mode without logging into their Facebook accounts. This allows more users to connect with you more seamlessly.

For more information about Guest Mode, please refer to Facebook Chat Plugin.


Step 1. Open the setting page

Besides opening the Facebook Chat Plugin page from the SHOPLINE Admin as mentioned above, you can directly open the page from Facebook's Manage Page.

Method 1

Go to the Facebook Page and go to [Page Settings] > [Messaging]. Then click Get Started next to "Add Messenger to your website."



Method 2

Alternatively, you can also go to the Inbox of your connected Page, click the gear icon at the top right, and select View all settings Chat Plugin.



Step 2

In the "Chat Plugin" tab, click the drop-down arrow next to "Customize your Chat Plugin."


Step 3

You can switch the toggle on/off in the "Guest Chat" field. Once you are finished, click Publish to complete the process. 



4. Notes

A. Does FBE support Facebook Messenger Chat and Page Shop for all merchants?

Yes. This feature supports all plans to enable FBE, Page Shop, and Messenger Chat. 


B. Why isn't Facebook Messenger Chat showing up at the storefront after I have added this feature?

If you found that the Messenger Chat didn't show after you added the feature, please follow the steps below to check the settings:

(1) Please log in to your Facebook account the same as the one you set FBE, and go to your [Facebook Page Settings] > [Page Roles] and make sure you have admin access.

(2) Go to [Facebook Page Settings] > [General] to make sure the Page is "Published" in Page Visibility and to "Everyone" without Country or Age Restrictions.

(3) Once you confirm the page is published, go to the SHOPLINE Admin > [Channel Integration] > [Facebook] > [Online Store Application] > Manage settings, and add the website domain name in the respective field. Then, click Publish to complete the setup.

(4) Refresh the SHOPLINE Admin and the storefront, and your Messenger Chat will be shown at the storefront.


C. Why does the previously installed Messenger plugin appear "Uninstalled"?

To maintain the authorization and security of Facebook assets, if any shop administrator edits or updates the asset or reinstalls the Facebook extension, Facebook will, by default, shut off Messenger first. To solve the situation, please assign an Admin or Editor who has the access to the Page and extension to reinstall the plugin following Note B above



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